Thursday, February 21, 2013

Robotic-Jackass People

I truly would like for someone…anyone to tell me how some people keep their jobs.

 This is just ONE thing that has pissed me off recently.

 My son’s orthodontist’s office called yesterday and left a message. I gathered the information that was needed this morning and called back—knowing full well the secretary wasn’t going to be in and I was going to get the answering service.

 When the answering service answered I said, “I’m returning Mary’s call. I’d like to leave a message for her to call me and a number where I can be reached.”

 Answering Service spit out, “She’s not in the office.”

 “I’m well aware of that. That’s why I said I want to leave a number where I can be reached,” I told her.

 “Wow,” she snapped.

 “Well if people would listen rather than go off on their robotic responses maybe something would get accomplished.”

 She hung up on me.

 I called back.

 When she answered, I said in my motherly-pissed-off- tone, “I’d like to leave a message for Mary.”

 “Your name,” she said in her snooty voice.

 But seriously, what the hell is wrong with people? Why can’t they LISTEN when you say something? WHY are so many people robotic—following a set of automatic responses rather than listening to what you’re saying?

 And while I’m on the subject of robotic-jackasses, just Tuesday, I called my Senator’s office giving the aid TWO very specific reasons WHY I wanted to speak with the Senator.

 What did I get?

 An email telling me to have my son apply for Veterans benefits.

 Not only was I not given the courtesy of a return call, but the email had absolutely nothing to do with my phone call!

 Either the aid ignored me when I was speaking or he was a total dingbat—proving our tax dollars are NOT at work.

 I take pride in my work but apparently other people do not or they are just too damn stupid and only have their jobs out of pity… or maybe it’s too difficult to find competent people these days.

 I’m glad I don’t own a business. If I had to find employees, with all the jackasses out there—I’d hire a horse.


  1. Rude people are something we all hate dealing with. But worse are the fake nice ones that pretend they are interested in what you are saying, but you know they are giving you the finger through the phone. Good one Pam.

  2. Amen! This is something that has been bothering me a lot lately. Fewer and fewer people seem to take pride in their performance these days. It all goes along with the entitlement syndrome that's going around. I deserve ___ even if I don't do ___ or if I act like ___.

    This woman expected you to to let her do her job poorly without feeling any irritation. This is one of the times I would go out of my way to report behavior to their superior.

  3. Ron, you're absolutely right. People don't read, either, and they're lazy. I don't have patience for those without work ethics, or ethics in general. Drives me completely bat ass crazy. And then I have the strong urge to TELL them about it. Normally doesn't go over well. ;)

    Hope your week is going well. I'm in a pissy mood. SO sick of this weather! I SO need warmth and sunshine!!


  4. Mo, You're RIGHT! I want to go through the phone at THOSE ones!

    Hope you're well. I can't wait for spring. Why does winter drag but summer whiz by?

  5. Hi Jody! lol. I'll bet everyone who isn't a lazy-incompetent-ass feels the same as us!! ;)

  6. Angie, don't even get me started on this entitlement-age! Problem with that is, it's just going to get worse. And those of us who actually have ethics and do take pride in our work have to suffer.

    Yep, I told on her. Don't know how much good it'll do. Seems there's also a lack of backbone in this country too. No one wants to assert themselves, either. Too afraid of hurting someone's feelings. ARG. Makes me nuts!!

    Have a super week!


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