Monday, January 30, 2012

Meet Me On Monday~ Why I Like Winter

My favorite season is summer. I love the warmth and sunshine, and the lush green exuberance of Mother Nature. Winter seems to last forever. Its dreary days drag and my spirit seems to sag like trees’ brittle branches. My body aches and sometimes I swear I hear its moans in the dark wind’s howl. I normally complain about winter, which tends to bring my mood down even more. This year, I want to find something positive about the cold season. I want to find a silver lining in the dark, cold lining that’s covering my days and nights.

 What CAN I like about winter?

 Well, I can like that during the winter months I don’t have to listen to my neighbor’s dog’s constant barking at all hours of the day and night. I can go out onto my deck or patio, despite the cold, and hear…nothing. It’s exceptionally peaceful this time of year. The air is brisk, crisp and clean and it’s quiet. I like quiet.

 I like that winter brings me silence.

 During the summer the sun is shining through my windows and I can see all the dirt and spots. That’s when I have to pull the windows out and CLEAN them. YUK. What a crappy job. They sure do look great when I’m all done. It’s the chore itself that’s crappy though. But during the winter months, we don’t get a lot of sunshine here in Pennsylvania, so I get a break from window cleaning!

I like that winter means less toiling.

 I love make-up and fashion and all the gadgets and gizmos that accompany that. In the winter I can jazz up my outfits with blazers and scarves and it also gives me the opportunity to wear my fun furs. I have quite a few fake fur coats that I’ve purchased over the years and I just love wearing them! I also get the opportunity to wear my boots, pointy-toe, square-toe, high-heeled, thigh-hi, and all of my cowboy boots (although there are times when I’ll wear them in the summer too).

 I like that winter is a fashion wonder land.

 I like people but there are times when I just NEED to be alone. During the winter everyone is sequestered in their homes. It’s nice because I can go get my mail or walk around my yard and not see a soul! I pretend I’m the only person on the planet. It’s pure bliss!

 I like that winter offers me tranquility. 

 During winter I have the opportunity to see the little things that need done around the house. How a room might need painted or updated. Or I might find something I like and want to redesign it. I make a list of “things to do” when spring and summer come around. Not only will that list keep my husband busy (something he likes) but it also makes me happy when the task is complete.

 I like that winter aids in my creativity.

 This little exercise helped me see that I CAN like winter. It’s NOT all bad. There are positives; we just have to find them. So when I’m cold or feeling down, I just have to remember the reason I like Old Man Winter and pretty soon he’ll go off to nap and the beautiful green lushness will be here again…



  1. *smile* Such an exquisitely positive spin on all the things that can so easily otherwise break our spirits! I agree with every last one of your silver linings and I'm left with a grin across my lips! Thank you for being you and keep smiling that wonderful smile!! XOXO

    1. Annie, I have a tendency to get very blah during the winter months, especially February, so I'm determined to beat it this year! :-)

  2. Well, this probably the only area where you and I differ, I adore Winter. And for every single reason you mentioned.

    The fashion, the tranquility, the creativity, etc.

    AND...even though I know I'm in the minority, I love being cold. My body, mind, and spirit seem more alive when I'm cold.

    As you know, I use to live in Florida (and loved it), however, as I got older something in my chemistry shifted to the point where even if it's 80 degrees, I suffer.

    WONDERFUL post, Pamela!

    And I love this paragraph....

    "This little exercise helped me see that I CAN like winter. It’s NOT all bad. There are positives; we just have to find them. So when I’m cold or feeling down, I just have to remember the reason I like Old Man Winter and pretty soon he’ll go off to nap and the beautiful green lushness will be here again…"

    Have a great day!


    1. Ron, I love summer, although as I'm getting older I'm not able to tolerate the direct sunlight like I used to :-( but give me heat and shade and I'm good to go! I feel like a tree; brittle and depleted until Spring when I bloom and reach for the sun! :-)

  3. I bow to your creativity in finding something good about winter! I loved the tranquility of winter when we lived on the farm. It's not quite the same in the mobile home community. When we walk the dogs at the park I'll try to find it there; I'm sure it's waiting for me, probably on the path along the river. Thanks!

    1. Bubbe, it's my dream to have land out in the middle of nowhere so that I can have tranquility all year round! Until then, I'll just have to find it other ways!

      You're lucky to live near a river!

  4. Snow. I enjoy the snow....I don't ski or snowmobile, I just enjoy watching it fall, how it looks. And I love cooking in the winter, the soups and breads that I never make in warm weather. I missed having changes of seasons when we lived in Florida where they only have mild summer and HOT summer, hence why we moved from there after 18 months! Every season has something about it that makes me smile...

    1. Grammy, I do NO snow activities, but do think falling now is very pretty! I don't know if I'd miss the seasons but I think I'd like to find out! Maybe when my youngest graduates the husband and I can move to a warmer climate and give it a try!

  5. Living in Texas, I don't have an actual winter. Some years, we'll get one day of snow, but that is always like a tiny, wonderful miracle.

    I'm a spring person. I love the budding of the trees and the grass getting green and poking out of the ground, the breezes and the sunshine. It usually lasts about two days here.

    Texas weather is not really weather. It's usually just variations of warm.

    1. I was just about to say "You should come to Texas!" Haha we definitely don't have winter and if we do, it's very wimpy.

      My favorite is definitely summer. I'd rather be laying in the warm sun than, well, laying in the not as warm sun..since Texas isn't that cold :P

    2. Jo, I love Spring too. I really enjoy watching how things grow, especially my Ferns! I haven't been to Texas yet but plan on getting there one day...I hear it is very HOT. I just might like that!

    3. Nate, as I told Jo, I will visit Texas one day. I'm definitely a Summer person and feel as you with "laying in the warm sun" preferably with a book!


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