About Hart's Beat

If you’re looking for a blog that will make you laugh day in and day out, then click out now, because even though Hart’s Beat has some funny stories and a few silly rants, they aren’t anything that will make you think I belong on Comedy Central.

 I’m more the serious analytical type. I’m the gal you would turn to for bail money. Or the one you’d lean on because I have shoulders strong enough to support the woes of my husband, my children, you and me— all at the same time.

I have wisdom beyond my years as I’ve been to hell and back, therefore I will give you more ah-ha moments rather than ha-ha ones.

I make no apologies for not being humorously-comical on a daily basis and have no problem leaving the wit to those who do it with ease. I know who I am and I’m comfortable in that knowledge and in my own skin.

Hart’s Beat consists of memories and experiences that will make you laugh—a little, and maybe even cry, but most of all, it will give you insight into the human psyche, situations and life.

 I do my best to find the positive in the negative, so if you find that interesting, then follow along and marvel at seeing the silver lining in the dark cloud.


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