Monday, June 22, 2009

HD Vision Night Glasses

Over the years my eyes have gotten extremely sensitive, which makes driving at night a bit of a challenge, because the glare from on-coming head-lights actually HURTS my eyes! I have to squint or look to the opposite side of the road—both of which are unsafe while driving— in order to NOT feel like I’m going blind! Also, the glare from the lights in my rear-view and side mirrors aren’t much better. I actually turn my side mirrors so that they face DOWN toward the ground. It has gotten to the point where I will avoid driving at night.

 Even being a passenger can be troublesome and my husband has a big truck! The lights behind us glare in the passenger side mirror—MY side—forcing my husband (my bitching begging becomes quite irritating) to move the mirror so it faces toward the ground to spare my eyes (and his ears).

 I’m sure you’ve all seen the infomercial for HD WrapAround Sunglasses. They wrap around your eyeglasses and enhance everything you see.


 You know the spiel. Well, I didn’t want the sunglasses; but those night vision glasses sure caught my attention. Not too long ago I found the HD Sunglasses in my local drugstore in their As Seen on TV Aisle for only $9.99. However, as I mentioned, I didn’t want or need the sunglasses. I just REALLY wanted the night vision glasses, but they didn’t have those. I searched for the night vision glasses on Ebay and found them. However, the cheapest price I found was $15.99 and there was shipping charges, too. I decided to wait, and I’m glad I did.

 I always go to the same drugstore for all my prescription needs. It’s called CVS, and the employees and Pharmacist are really great there. One day I had to grab something and I wasn’t near my friendly CVS, so I stopped in at my local Rite Aid. On my way to the aisle I needed, I saw they too had an As Seen on TV aisle. Lo and behold, they had night vision glasses! There was only one set left. It was almost like they were sitting there just for ME! They were $9.99, which was like icing on the cake, so, of course, I bought them.

 I had the opportunity to try them a few days later when my son and I went shopping. On the way home it was dark and I placed my not-too-vogue glasses on my face and guess what? They WORKED! No more glare, no more squinting and no more looking to the other side of the road to avoid being blinded by the light! I don’t even have to adjust my rear-view mirror anymore. As I hinted, the only draw back is, they aren’t glamorous, but safety before fashion, right? RIGHT!

 So, for those of you who have a problem with on-coming glaring head-lights, THESE glasses are for YOU! Look in your local drug stores or you can find them on-line or even Ebay.



  1. I LOVE As Seen on TV products! I did an entire post on them. I had that same night vision problem with headlights and I would have bought these but I got prescription lenses that have some kind of filter on them. I don't know what it is, but I can drive at night now without all the glare. Sometimes I even forget to switch to sunglasses in the middle of the day. But, like I said, without that I would have a pair of those HD glasses by now too. I'm glad to hear they work. And as for fashion... nobody can see you at night inside your car anyway!

  2. practicality and performance over posterity huh pammy.. but i am amazed that your son would be seen with you if you do look goofy in them! i know that wouldn't work in my house!!... he he... p.s. do they have a 3-d version?

  3. Prism: You’re lucky you don’t have to switch back and forth between sunglasses to night vision glasses! And you’re right about no one being able to see me not being “in vogue” because it’s dark!

    Pat: I’m surprised my son will let me wear them, too! He’s my fashion conscience son! I guess because it’s a night and no one can really see me! Lol. They would be cool in 3-D, but I don’t think they make them. If I ever find them, I’ll let you know.

  4. Oprina Tiberiu: Thank you for the link.

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  9. well how did they work with the fireworks pammy?

  10. I'm glad to hear they work. And as for fashion... nobody can see you at night inside your car anyway!

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  11. Pamela, I'm glad that you found a pair of safety glasses that can help you drive at night. That sure answers your problem about glares.

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