Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Flirting with Friends – Part Two

I told you how I began playing Words With Friends and some Yo-Ho wanted me to send him a picture, cuz he wanted to see what I looked like. Needless to say I was disgusted and of course I didn’t send him one.

I resigned that game and found me a new opponent!

Well, it was someone called D-boy. As soon as our game started good ‘ole D-boy messaged me asking me where I lived. I rolled my eyes and thought, Jesus H. Christ. Not another one. I typed: Washington. I lied. I live in Pennsylvania. He messaged me back that he lives in California. Like I gave a flying shit. Then he asked me how old I was.

Here’s the exchange:

I showed this exchange to my husband and sons. My fifteen year old said, Mom, he likes older WOMAN." The guys 28 and doesnt know proper grammar! 

 Then my three males went on about how disgusting it was that SOME males have to ruin it for LADIES, like me. Arent they sweet? Not only am I married to a gentleman, I raised TWO gentlemen!

 So, back to D-boy.

He just wasnt giving up.

When I read THAT exchange to my guys, they were REALLY mad! I’d bet if D-boy lived within our vicinity, they would’ve hunted him down. And trust me, my boys are HUGE. They are weight lifters and very protective of me—I’m their Princess. Yes, I’m SO bragging. I just eat that shit up.

 D-boy is gone, along with that other ass-wipe. But then there was a Roberto. He asked me how I was and I said, “Fine.” He resigned the game. I’m just going to cut these idiots off at the pass, so to speak.

 But I’m lucky because I am playing with my niece, a friend from my fan-fiction group and my friend Bubbe! We found each other through a little brain-work—we’re so smart!

 The best thing to do when these ass-wipes message you for your age and photos—resign the game. Don’t encourage them. Have innocent fun with REAL friends! Or fake friends, because not every opponent is a disgusting jerk.



  1. Pam, you had me laughing my ass off through this WHOLE post!!!!

    "He messaged me back that he lives in California. Like I gave a flying shit."

    Bwhahahahhaahahahha! OMG...that was HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!

    And please tell your son that I LOVED his response....

    "Mom, he likes older WOMAN." The guy’s 28 and doesn’t know proper grammar!"

    Bwhahahahhahahahaha! Touche'!

    Since I don't have a phone, iPhone, or iPad, I had no idea these things were even available. But oh my god....I can't believe this kind of thing goes on while playing a simple game!?!?!?

    God, when I was a kid all we had was CANDYLAND!

    Fab post, Pam!

    (((((( You )))))

    Hope you're having a fantabulous week!

  2. Ron, isn't Austin funny? He always has me rolling! :)

    I'm playing this game on my Kindle Fire! It's a free app. Now, there are annoying ads...but I guess that's what you get when it's "free".

    When I played Candyland with my kids I had to deal with them crying because they lost. But that's a whole lot better than "losers" telling me about their anatomy! Ew!

    Can you believe this weather? Wish it would make up its mind already!



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