Monday, January 21, 2013

Flirting With Friends - Part One

I don’t play a lot of games, especially on-line. Not because I don’t like games—I do. I just don’t have time for them. However, when I heard people rave about Words With Friends, I was curious about the hype, especially since I love words. Plus, I got a Kindle Fire for my birthday this past July, so, I thought I’d give it a try.

I finally figured out that I could actually play with more than one opponent, which made it a whole lot more fun. At first I was sitting there with one opponent…waiting and waiting and thought, Holy hell, THIS is the most boring ass game I’ve ever played! People get addicted to sitting here WAITING? Then I saw the little plus sign, pressed it, and Voila! I now have about a dozen opponents at any given time! That’s fun.

 So, it was going along really well. I even had a few people send me messages saying things like Wow, that’s a word! Who knew! And stuff like that. Which was perfectly fine with me—I’m not playing this game to make friends. Which is kind of ironic since the name is Words With Friends.

 Well, the other day I was playing a game with a Mr. H and he sent me a message and said hello and thanking me for the challenge and told me he lived in Texas. I said hello back and I thanked him for the challenge and I said I lived in Pennsylvania. But really, what the heck difference does it make where we live?

Well, I soon found out. Here’s the messages:

After that, Mr. H resigned. Go figure, the dork was looking for PICTURES! EW! All I could think of was Congressman Anthony Weiner.

 What the hell is wrong with these men? And I’m sure I should ask, what the hell is wrong with women who fall for this shit? Are they really that stupid? Or are they just desperate? Maybe it’s a combination of both. Who the heck knows! Certainly not me! I just want to play a word game.

 But stay tuned for Part Two. Mr H isn’t the only dork out there and it’s quite annoying that you can’t play an innocent word game, with or without friends, and not be harassed and grossed out!



  1. Okay, I clicked the image to see your text messages to see what you two were saying.

    OH. MY. GOD.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a BEAST indeed!!!! Here you are just playing a simple game and the guy is putting the MOVES on you by asking for a PHOTO!?!?!

    And I LOVE how you responded to him. Good for you, girl!!!!

    Since I don't own a Kindle, I had no idea you could actually play games on them or correspond with other people online. I thought it was for reading books, only. WOW!

    Anyway, I'm eager to read part 2. Can't wait!

    "Go figure, the dork was looking for PICTURES! EW! All I could think of was Congressman Anthony Weiner."

    Bwhahahahahahahhaaha! HILARIOUS, Pam!!!

    (((((( You ))))))

    Have a super week....X

    P.S. oh, it snowed a little tonight here in Philly. We're supposed to get more this week....yahooo!

  2. WOW! I use to play Words with Friends. Never had this happen to me! i now play MATCHING! Much more fun...oh and HAY DAY! LOL I can't wait for part two also!

  3. I've never played it. For all the time I do spend online and commenting on blogs I haven't had any desire to do the game thing. Now, I'm definitely going to steer clear of that. I'd be freaked out.

  4. Jen, there are so many "things" to do on-line, I don't blame you for not getting into the gaming. I had steered clear myself, for a while. I've had the Kindle since July and only just started playing. I'm sure it will get old.

    Thanks for stopping by!! :)


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