Friday, September 7, 2012

Flying Hot Pants

When it rains, it pours, they say, and boy are THEY right!

 You all know that Kommit passed away Saturday. Well, my husband has been worried about me lately (with everything going on) and wanted me to call him when I arrived at my parent’s house. So, I did.

 “I’m here,” I told him when he answered the phone.

 “You’re not going to believe this,” he sighed.

 “You’re fucking kidding me,” I said none too quietly.

 “Dont worry, it’s not TERRIBLE. But Berra’s in heat.” 

 “Of course she is.” I was still sitting in my Jeep and wanted to slam my head off the steering wheel. “Wait, I thought they didn’t go into heat until six months…oh shit, she’s nine months old!”

 “I put her in the cage in the garage. Dont worry I cleaned it out first. I just wanted you to know,” he explained while trying to make me feel a little better about the situation.

 “Okay, I’ll buy her some pants on my way home.” What the hell else could I do? Time had slipped away once again and I hadn’t gotten her fixed and now I had to deal with it.

 And so did she…

 Berra is now the proud wearer of fuchsia and purple pants which make her look like a Super Dog.

Funny thing, she already thinks she can fly.

When she jumps off something she jumps OUT rather than DOWN.
Which could pose a problem...

Our deck is about five feet off the ground and we didnt get the railing on AGAIN this year. If this dog even THINKS she can fly with her new hot pants...

I’m taking a fucking bridge with cement shoes.



  1. Ok. I'm sorry you had more yuck....but......... BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHA! *snort* BAHAHAHAHAHAHA! *gasp*....that's effin' hysterical!!

    Hart you!

  2. "
    Berra is now the proud wearer of fuchsia and purple pants which make her look like a Super Dog."

    OMG...those pants are BEYOND adorable!!!!!!!!! And I had no idea they even made heat pants for dogs. Who knew!?!?!

    Pam, this made me HOWL...

    " Funny thing, she already thinks she can fly.
    When she jumps off something she jumps OUT rather than DOWN."

    Bwhahahahhhahahhaha! Like Wonder Woman!!!!!

    I had male cat who also went into heat (or whatever you call male puberty) very early. He was SPRAYING all over my apartment and the smell was horrendous. I finally took him to the vet and had him fixed.

    So sorry to hear you had MORE rain. But don't worry because they say that once the rain peaks, it's over.

    ((((( You )))))

    Thanks for sharing such a hilarious post! LOVE the photos and captions. You are so clever!

    Have a great weekend, dear friend......X

  3. Pam, I can always count on you for a good laugh! That's all you need is a dog with PMS. Give her a hot pad and some Tylenol if she gets cranky. I can't believe she is six months old already. She looks so much like my Tootsie-The Keeshond with a haircut. Take care my dear. Still praying for all of you.

  4. Pets do grow up so fast. That is so funny, she does look like a superhero dog!

  5. Grammy, YUK is right!

    I *hart* you too!

  6. Ron, you can't even believe the stuff they have for dogs these days! They even have "pads" but I just buy them from the dollar store. I mean seriously, why spend all that money on "designer period pads"?

    I didn't even think of Wonder Woman! I like her! Berra, my Wonder Dog! But she still better NOT jump!

    I hope you're right about the rain having a "peak". I'm SO ready...MORE than ready.


  7. Maureen,! Tootsie is adorable! And they do look alike!

    Can you just imagine if dogs did get PMS? Oh yikes! My moods are bad enough! lol.

    Thanks for praying, Maureen, I can use all the help I can get right now! Hopefully the "black cloud" will be moving away soon!


  8. Patricia, pets and kids grow fast. Cept kids will move out...pets are just constant dependents that you can't write off on your taxes!


  9. Hahaha! Those pants are so much more fashionable than the plain white ones my brother and his wife makes their dog wear. The first year he just bought boys size small underwear and turned them backwards for the tail.

  10. Angie, your brother had a good idea though; I never even thought of boy's undies! They are probably cheaper than my fashionable ones! Although, Berra is a fashionable dog so she probably likes her pink

  11. Oh those pants are hilarious. I never even knew they were to be found. We just got a border collie puppy, and before I know it she'll be 6 months old. Must remember to buy her pants or get her fixed in time!

  12. Mairead, aren't they though!

    Oh a Border Collie! My parents have one. They are really smart! And yes, before you know it, she'll need some "hot pants"!

    Be sure to post some pics of her on your blog. I'll be over!


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