Thursday, November 5, 2015

I Have Another Fur Baby

On Saturday, September 26th, my husband and I went house hunting.

We found a kitten.
The house the kitten was in should've been condemned. It had a huge hole in the living room floor. I saw the kittens—yes there were two—opened the window and pulled one out. The other shot back in the hole and never came out again. I held this tiny kitten in my arms and said to my husband, "I have to save it." 

"I know you do," he replied. 

Kitty went to the vet the following Tuesday. She didn't look well. Plus she was sneezing and had snots in her eyes. Turned out she was sick and undernourished—only weighed one pound! She got medicine and began to look, and apparently feel, better because she went from a snuggle-bug to a demon-kitty.

Snuggle Bug because she wasn't feeling well.

She can't jump yet. But she can climb and she likes to be on top of my chairs! My custom chairs. Which is an absolute no-no. My dogs never go on these chairs, so there's no way Kitty is going on them.

Chillin' on my custom chair !

Kitty doesn't have a name yet. If I name her, she'll be a permanent part of our family and I just don't know if I can take care of another animal right now. They need a lot of time and attention. But I am willing to get her ready for adoption.

Pretty, spoiled, Kitty.

 Only time will tell. 

If I've learned anything in my 50 years, it's plans are sure to get screwed up. So, until I make a decision, Kitty is happily running around my house, eating a ton of food, gaining weight and learning the word "no".

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