Thursday, April 4, 2013

Almost There

You may not know this, but I wrote a novel. I did. A long time ago. That novel has been through a couple creative writing courses with me and a couple evaluations. I stuffed it in a folder and put it in my file cabinet.

 It sat.

 And it sat.

 Then last September I read something that said write what you like to read. I knew my novel’s conflict and plot were what I liked. After all, I wrote them. So I pulled out my manuscript and read it. 

I laughed.

To keep myself from crying.

 There was no freaken way any agent would sell it.

 It’s not a bad story line, but I was telling, not showing. It needed some major editing. But where the heck could I get help?

 Aw, Google!

 I found Critique Circle, and I joined. At first I only critiqued. Then after a month, I got up enough nerve to post my first chapter. I have to tell you, I received more information and knowledge about writing from that chapter than all the courses I had taken! I was hooked. So I posted chapters two, three and four. And the results were the same. Great advice and suggestions. I took those four chapters and the suggestions I received and got to work.

 I am proud to say that I just finished chapter twenty. I’m almost done—ten more to go! That might not seem like a big deal to some. To me. It’s a huge deal.

 I have no idea where this will lead. In my heart of hearts, I hope publication. My dream has always been to get a book published. However, once it’s complete—I mean really complete—I won’t be afraid to let people read it. I’ll probably threaten beg people to.

 Right now, I’m proud I got this far. Writing a novel is a long process, even if you love writing. I’ll be even more proud when I polish off the last ten chapters. I say this because as I’ve told you, I don’t manage my personal time very well. I suck at it, truth be told.

 Maybe one day I’ll be asking you all to read my completed manuscript. Or better yet, my book. That would be so awesome, yes?

 Until then, wish me luck on these last chapters.



  1. "I am proud to say that I just finished chapter twenty. I’m almost done—ten more to go! That might not seem like a big deal to some. To me. It’s a huge deal."

    You GO, PAM! And it IS a HUGE deal! I think it's awesome that you're following your heart and just putting out there!

    "I read something that said write what you like to read."

    I totally agree. And it's the same way I feel about the blogs I read. I like reading blogs that are less fictional and more true-to-life real stories because that's why I like to write.

    The BEST to you, my friend. And yes, let me know when you finish with your novel because I would love to read it!

    ((((((( You ))))))


  2. Ron, Thanks!! And I'm the same way about blogs too! I need to read blogs that "tell" me something--that mean something. Like yours, for example. ;)

    I will let you know when I'm done with my book. And I will let you read it.


  3. I can't even finish a blog post now......and you are finishing a NOVEL??? Good for you! Can't wait to go to a book store and buy it!

  4. Mo, we'll give you a pass on posing due to the yucky weather. How's that? ;) And hey, I'll GIVE you a signed copy!

    First thing first, though, getting these last 10 chapters finished. I hope to get some serious writing done this weekend!!


  5. Hi!! How did I not know about this AWESOME site?? You've been holding out on me girl! Love it!!! ANd I loved that post:)

  6. Claudia, yeah, I was holding out. Didn't post the link on CC. There might be TMI on this here blog ;) Thanks for stopping by. Glad you liked the post.

  7. Luckluckluckluckluckluckluckluckluckluckluck! Not that you need it when you have brains....proud of you

  8. Grammy, you are too sweet! Thank you. ((HUGS))


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