Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Faux Paws

A faux pas means a blunder, however, it’s now widely used to mean just about anything unacceptable.

Berra has committed quite a few faux pas, or as I call them,  faux paws, since she has four, but her most recent faux paw was very, very BAD, even by my puppy-loving standards.

What was her blunder? What has she done that I consider EXTREMELY unacceptable?

Well, get comfy in your chair while I share that with you!

She ate my wall.

Yep, she peeled and ate the paint and spackling off my wall.

Either she has a new career as an Interior Designer and it was her not-so subtle way of telling me that she hates the current beige color. OR she was ticked that I was tapping away on my keyboard and ignoring her (the little girl has become so spoiled and wants ALL the attention) and what better way to garner Mommy’s attention than to eat her wall?

The scariest part, I cant find all the paint and spackling. I think she actually swallowed some of it. I cant imagine that it was tasty, however, I'm not a grass or poop eater either, so who am I to judge.

 In any event, this is what a bad puppy looks like now that she’s seven months old…



  1. Pam, this post is absolutely ADORABLE!

    Either she has a new career as an Interior Designer and it was her not-so subtle way of telling me that she hates the current beige color."
    Bwhahahahahahahahaha!LOVE the post title! And the photos with captions are PRICELESS!OMG...I am so glad to hear that Bella didn't get sick or have some sort of reaction to swallowing part of the paint and spackling.And can just tell you how cute her little face is in that last photo? I just wanna HUG her!And btw, I love your color carpet. It looks like a dusty rose from the photos.Hope you had a FAB Wednesday, dear friend!(((( You ))))X

  2. I have a cat who used to scratch all the corners of the walls instead of chewing them, it looked just as bad.  Durned kids.
    Come to think of it, the dog ate everything else.

  3. Well it appears Disqus likes me again!  Yay!  What a great tale Pam!  And the captioned photos make it perfect!  None of our dogs have ever chewed on the walls but they DO love tearing into the trash!  We solved that problem by getting a trash compactor.  At least until they figure out how to open it! :D

  4. She is adorable, Pam.  Now, I know I shouldn't say that because then she'll just think it's cute to eat a wall.   But I bet she was really cute scratching that wall....

  5. Ron, I'm glad Berra didn't have a reaction swallowing that paint and spackling too! Dog puke is not fun to clean up! 

    Yes, she does have a cute face. Good thing too, or she would've been in BIG trouble! As it was, I just SCREAMED! And she ran. 

    I LOVE my carpet color too. I believe it's called Strawberry Blush. I will get that color again. It doesn't show dirt and barely any fuzzies!


  6. Jo, kids, cats, dogs...all the same, love 'em to pieces but they drive US nuts! And cost us a small fortune!

  7. Bubbe, how can Disqus NOT like YOU!? 

    This is the first dog since our Huskey that ate our house. The Huskey ate through a door. 

    Berra is TOUGH-- stubborn and spoiled. Almost like the youngest child ;-)

    She may win the battle, but I WILL win the war!!

  8. Bill, I won't tell her you said she's adorable and then maybe she won't eat anymore walls! 

    Oh, she went over to her "handi-work" and tried to do some more! I yelled NO and she scurried away. So MAYBE she got the hint??

    It's hard to stay mad at her...she IS adorable...those damn eyes!!


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