Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Victory At The Water Bowl

Can you believe I’m five and a half months old? Yep, I’m growing fast! Plus I’m faster than a bolt of lightning around the house, so everyone, including Kommit and Madea, has to be on alert or I’ll literally run into them and quite possibly knock them over or down the stairs.

 Oh speaking of stairs! Guess what? I can go DOWN them now and I’m not even afraid. Although my first time going down the deck stairs I got really mad because I fell on the last two and tumbled into the yard. I got up, turned around and growled at them. Then I quickly forgot how they tripped me and ran into the yard and sniffed, chewed, ran, jumped and exhausted myself into a nap!

 I LOVE the yard! All those weeks of staring at Kommit and Madea from on top of the deck DREAMING of when I could run with them was SO worth it! The yard is wonderful. It has the most fantastic smells. And the GRASS! Oh wow is it ever yummy!

I have a lot of energy and want to play all the time. I also get so excited when my humans come home from work, school or errands. When Daddy gets home I jump all over the place so it’s a good thing Mommy makes me stay at the top of the stairs or I’d probably bounce myself into a concussion by not paying attention and falling down the stairs I just mastered.

 I love Daddy so much that when he comes home I don’t want him to rest. When he puts his legs up on one of the chairs (which are now covered with sheets because all three of us dogs are shedding a whole bunch) I jump and dance around him and bark to get his attention. He can sleep through anything, even a bomb, Mommy says. But one thing he can NOT sleep through are my teeth sinking into his flesh. It didn’t take me long to figure THAT out! I get bummed when Daddy rests in a room with a door because unlike Kommit, I can NOT open doors…yet.

 Kommit has been great to me! We play every morning! It’s a good thing I’m a tough puppy because she’s really rough with me, or so Mommy says. I like when Kommit plays with me and I don’t mind if she bites my neck or uses her paws to push me on the ground.

 She stands over me when I chew my toys, too. Mommy said it’s because Kommit is the Alpha of us dogs. Whatever THAT means! All I know is that Kommit is close to me and I LOVE it!

 I had the bestest surprise EVER! The other day, Mommy filled the water dish AGAIN, since I’m such a water hog, and Kommit began drinking from it. I’m way too impatient to wait my turn and since Madea always shares with me I figured I’d try it with Kommit. So I butted my snout right in next to Kommit’s and guess what? She LET me drink WITH her! Yes, she did! I kid you not!

Mommy hurried and grabbed the camera to prove it because she knew no one would believe it without proof! She said she was afraid the camera was going to explode before she downloaded the picture and she’d never be able to prove that Kommit really does love me.

 Although I still didn’t get my kiss from her yet. Oh well, it will come. Until then, I kiss Kommit every day, normally after Ive bitten her at least a dozen or more times. It's not my fault, my teeth are screaming to BITE. They are still baby teeth and they HURT me, ya know.

 I heard Mommy tell Kommit that payback was a bitch because Kommit used to bite the hell out of Hayley their first Boxer dog who isnt with them anymore. Anyway, this Hayley treated Kommit like a princess. I sure wish I couldve met this Hayley Mommy speaks so highly of. She sounds like a pretty neat dog and she might’ve let me bite her without growling and stuff.

 When I grow up, I’m gonna be a neat, wonderful dog too! I want Mommy’s eyes to light up and her voice to get all soft when she talks about me.

 I promise I’m going to be the bestest dog since this Hayley!

Bow Wow, 



  1. Pamela, what a sweet post!!!

    And it's so great to see Berra after hearing her over the phone when you I spoke last week. OMG...she's getting sooooooooooo big, soooooooooo fast! But she still adorable as ever!

    I got such a HOOT looking at your photos and captions. Especially the one of she and Kommit!

    "Although I still didn’t get my kiss from her yet. Oh well, it will come. Until then, I kiss Kommit every day, normally after I’ve bitten her at least a dozen or more times." CUTE!

    Please tell Berra that I think she already IS the BEST dog EVA'!

    Woof! Woof!

    Hope you had a great day, my friend!

    ((( You )))


  2. Ron, after talking with you I just had to do a "Berra update". I'm glad you enjoyed it! 

    Berra's asleep now (or should I say finally!) but I'll tell her when she wakes up that Uncle Ronnie said she's the BEST dog EVA! lol! 

    Thanks for noticing my "new" picture. Got my hair done but I'm not sure if I like it yet. I'm like hard to please! ;-)


  3. Berra and Avery need to have a playdate since they're the same age! Avery doesn't mind sharing her water, her toys, her slobbers....

  4. Oh Grammy, babies and puppies are the cutest of all! I can see Berra kissing Avery and Avery lovin' on Berra! It would make the best home video! Now I want to schedule a playdate!

  5. Oh, I miss having a dog!  Our condo in the city is only 500 square feet and Paul is allergic, but we love them.  ~sigh~, I'll just have to pretend that Berra is my puppy.

  6. Bill, she is cute, but she's a handful. Very stubborn. A mind of her own, this one; just like another kid! lol. If you ever want to "borrow" her and really pretend she's yours, let me know! ;-)

  7. Jo, good thing she IS cute because when she decides she doesn't want to listen, her "cuteness" helps her out a whole lot! ;-)


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