Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My Sanity Took A Siesta

I work three days a week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday and only half the day. It works out great because my place of employment is ONLY three minutes from my house, I have NO stress and my bosses are really laid back and for the most part let me do what I want.

I have a morning routine, whether I work or not. I wake up, get myself moving as best I can with my “dis-order”, let the dogs out, and while they are out, I make coffee and get their food ready. I also turn the kitchen television on. I’ll watch either Angel or Fox And Friends until Charmed comes on at eight and it runs for two hours.

Now, on the days I work I can only watch one episode of Charmed since I need to get ready at nine because even though I’m supposed to start work at ten, I don’t get there until ten-thirty so my starting time is ten-thirty as I’m ALWAYS late but I SAY it’s ten so I’m ON time. Make sense? No? Well, how about this, even my family will tell me our get-togethers start an hour EARLIER so that I’m on time (Drives my husband bat shit crazy because he’s ALWAYS early).

Friday I did all my normal morning stuff. I got ready for work, as usual, and when I got into my Jeep I looked at the clock and it read 11:14. My stomach lurched, but then I thought, someone messed with my clock. I grabbed my cell phone and looked at the time, it read 11:14. My stomach lurched again.

 “What the hell happened to an hour!” I yelled to no one as my head began to spin and my stomach began to pinch. “I LOST an hour? HOW the hell did THAT happen?” I asked, but no one answered because I was sitting in my Jeep…ALONE.

 I called my boss, whom I normally text, but I really needed to TALK to someone because I felt like I was in an alternative universe or something and needed someone to assure me I wasn’t crazy. When he answered, I frantically asked, “Gary, what time is it?”

“It’s quarter after eleven.”

“Oh.my.gawd. I don’t know what happened but I lost an hour!” I all but screamed into the phone.

He told me not to worry, just take my time and he’d see me shortly. That sounded all fine and good, however, I was freaking out because where did the hour GO? I could almost feel myself going into a full blown panic attack so I had to grab hold of myself. I began my deep breathing and self-talk, Relax, Relax. I also replayed my morning in my head.

 I got up. Made coffee. Fed the Dogs. Watched Charmed— CHARMED! 


 I watched TWO episodes of CHARMED! 

Damn it! 

What the hell was I thinking?

 Obviously I was NOT thinking! 

At least I wasn’t crazy!

Once calm, I drove to Starbucks, got my usual latte, then headed to work. I walked into the office and told my boss. “Well, I don’t have Alzheimer’s. I have stupidity.”

“How’s that?”

 “I don’t know why I did this, but instead of only watching ONE episode of Charmed, I decided to watch TWO! Which meant I didn’t begin to get ready for work until ten! That’s where the damn hour went.”

I’m glad I had a stupid moment, or stupid hour, in this case, rather than an actual memory lapse. I can NOT imagine what it would feel like to actually have blacked out or lost a chunk of my memory. Until I realized what had actually happened, I thought I had lost my mind. It was one of the most frightening experiences I’ve had in a long time.

 I can honestly say I’m so thankful I have my memory and while I joke about losing my mind and being nuts, I do it lightly and I would NEVER make light of those who DO have actual conditions where they live with this fear day in and day out.

 I just want to say I’m SO grateful for my sanity, even if it sometimes goes on Siesta.



  1. I think what I love most about this post (and there are many things) is how even when you were an hour late, you still stopped by Starbucks to get your Latte!  I am still chuckling.

  2. I swear to god I was going to say the same thing as Bill....even when you were an hour late, you still stopped by Starbucks to get your Latte!

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You GO, girl!!!!

    Great post as usual, Pam!

    Funny, your mornings are a lot like mine. I MUST have my coffee, but I don't watch TV because I don't have cable, but I do pop in my old VHS tapes of "I Love Lucy" because there is nothing like having a cup of coffee while watching Lucy and Ethel get into trouble - HA!

    Your husband sounds like my father. He was ALWAYS early and it drove my mother insane because she was a nervous wreck every time they went out, in fear she was taking too long to get dressed!

    Hope you had a faaaaaaabulous day, dear friend!

    (((( You ))))


    P.S. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay....you have DISQUS!!!!!!!

  3. Bill, yes no matter how late I am, I MUST have my Latte! Believe it or not, that doesn't drive my husband nuts...well, not anymore. He's just used to it now. 

  4. Ron, so funny how I didn't even think about being late but still getting my Latte. As I told Bill, no matter how late, I still have to get it! It's an addiction; I swear they put stuff in them.

    Yes, my husband is early and I DO try not to be late. But I am the one who is always doing more than just myself. I have the dogs, the house AND I have to make sure that all three of the males are ready and look presentable. Sheesh. A woman's work is never done! 

    I love Lucy too! Her and Ethel crack me up!

  5. Kristine Foley-BacknerMay 2, 2012 at 1:17 PM

    Next time, just take Gary a latte and all will be forgiven.  Or ice cream or just food in general is always welcome. I was just talking about the fact that while working there I gained an enormous amount of weight because of all the eating that goes on.

  6. Kristine, yes, food is the way to tame the beasts, oops I mean men, here at work! ha ha. But did you hear? Gary lost a ton of weight! Went on a diet he did and is eating all healthy and shit! Well, he's not eating shit. lol. The others are still eating junkie though! Some things just never change ;-)


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