Friday, March 30, 2012

What I Won’t Do For Mega Millions

Well, I purchased ten tickets for tonight’s Mega Millions Lottery, which is an historic $640 mega million dollars! Like wow, that’s a ton of money. Now, if I choose to take the lump sum and after the government gets its grubby hands in it, I’d get about $347 million. That’s still mega millions for me and I wouldn’t be complaining.

 I’ll tell you what else I wouldn’t be doing. Talking. As in I’d be as quiet as a little church mouse as I locked that ticket up in a safety deposit box, grabbed the husbster and the kids and headed off to a cabin in the woods for a couple weeks.

 Quiet time would definitely be in order to figure out how to proceed.

 I do know what I wouldn’t do. I would not buy a dozen cars and houses. I wouldn’t buy a jet. I wouldn’t be telling everyone and their brother’s former roommate because I wouldn’t want friends I didn’t know I had.

 I wouldn’t go on a shopping spree in Paris. I wouldn’t even go to lunch in Paris. I might do a trip to Paris, but that would be after I had made a list and checked it twice. I wouldn’t buy jewelry. I wouldn’t buy furs. Heck, I probably wouldn’t even buy clothes. I mean eventually I would. But I do that now. When I need or want something, I buy it.

 I certainly wouldn’t buy drugs, alcohol or hookers and I’m pretty sure my husband wouldn’t either—well I hope not! I wouldn’t gamble it away, even though I do like to gamble. So, even though I’d be a mega millionaire I’d still gamble, but just for fun, because no one should be gambling to get rich. That’s just stupid and a sure way to get poor.

 I wouldn’t be writing checks to everyone who shared DNA with me. I know that sounds really bad, stingy even. But think about it. What is DNA? Does it mean you share a quality relationship? Does it mean that person really cares about you? Has that person been there with you through the good and bad, the thick and thin, the trials and tribulations? Would you pick that person as a friend? If you answer no, then it’s a pretty safe bet that DNA means zip.

 You’d get a check if you’ve been involved in my life. Those people would be taken care of very well. And charities—oh, I have my favorites. They will get some hefty checks. Anonymously of course. I don’t need notoriety. My good deeds are just as good even if only I know about them. 

 I wouldn’t be joining country clubs or trying to get my name on fancy rosters. The less people who know about me, the better. It’s one of the reasons I write with a pseudonym. I wouldn’t be throwing money around trying to get the best table at the best restaurants or telling people Don’t you know who I am! I’m still the same person even though I’m a mega millionaire. And yes, my life will change, how couldn’t it with three hundred million dollars? But I’d like to believe that my character will remain intact and how I treat people will stay the same. 

 I have good and bad days. There are days I’m a ray of sunshine and others when I’m a bit bitchy. I don’t think mega millions is going to change that. Although a daily massage COULD make me feel a bit better physically, so maybe, just maybe I wouldn’t be as bitchy…oh who the hell am I kidding? If you piss me off, I’m going to tell you, mega millionaire or not.

I wouldn’t change for any amount of money. I am who I am. Hate me for who I am but certainly don’t like me for who I am not.


  1. Pamela, it's SO ironic that you posted about this today because a customer I was waiting on at work, told me that he went out and bought TEN tickets!!!

    I'm with you, girl....

    "And yes, my life will change, how couldn’t it with three hundred million dollars? But I’d like to believe that my character will remain intact and how I treat people will stay the same."



    "I wouldn’t be writing checks to everyone who shared DNA with me."

    Thank you! I feel the same way. The only two people I would be writing checks for would be my mother and brother. I would also donate to my favorite charities.

    Like you, I wouldn't be out there buying tons of stuff because I truly enjoy a simple life. The simpler my life is, the better I am. I don't like having a lot of STUFF in my life.

    The only thing I would do, would be to travel to places I've always wanted to visit. I would probably do that for a year.

    Also, and I know this sounds odd, but I would always work (even if it was just a part time job) because I think it's important (for me, anyway) to be a part of the working class.

    GREAT post!!!!!

    Have a flawless weekend, my friend!

    1. Ron, I like the simple life too, so mega millions would make it a lot more simple in that I could hire people to do all the things I don't like to do and things that I really want like daily massages and a chauffeur! Oh and travel is a definite MUST!

  2. I bought a ticket, just one, but I sadly didn't win. If I had, I would have definitely bought me some (or lots) of drugs, hookers and maybe even some plane tickets to Paris if I'm feeling up to it. Ha!! I think it would be awesome to win, but that's just soo much money! I wouldn't know what to do with myself, or the people chasing after me!!

    1. Nate, I didn't win either but if I did, I know what I'd like hell! ;-)

  3. I like you for who you are. (Okay, actually, I love you for who you are, plus you're my #2 BFF AND my soulsister. But, I wouldn't want money from you, so....bonus!)

    1. Jo, you're one of my BFF's too and on my "special" list so even if you didn't want any money, I'd be sending you some any way! Oh isn't it nice to dream!

  4. I'm glad we can still be poor together...ok really I'm not, I think being FILTHY STINKING RICH together would be tons of fun, think of all the shenanigans we could pull off! Either way, we'd still be Buds...:)

    1. Grammy, being rich is much better than being poor and I think being a mega millionaire is probably better than being rich. And oh the fun we could have! I like thinking about that! And YES, we'd still be Buds! Mega millions would make it so much easier to SEE each other!

  5. WELL, did you win? If you did I think we are twins seperated at birth (maybe?)


    1. Maureen, no, I didn't win. But we can still be twins separated at birth if ya want. And maybe the next jackpot lottery will be our lucky chance! ;-)


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