Sunday, February 5, 2012

A Berra Tiring Three Weeks

It’s three weeks today since we brought home our little Berra. She’s growing fast! Smart as a whip for thirteen weeks old. She rings a bell to go potty, although she also rings it because she LOVES to be outside. And since her bladder is about the size of a chickpea we hear ding ding about every ten minutes. She also knows how to sit, give paw and lie down on command (well treats are quite enticing). We’re working on come, but she gets SO excited and distracted by our toes, fingers, legs, arms and anything else that’s in the direct vicinity of her eyes, because they feel SO good on her shark baby teeth…it’s gonna take some time and A LOT of patience on OUR part. Good thing we are aware of that and willing to take the time and do the work because thats what puppies are...WORK. But they are also a lot of fun and will bring years of enjoyment and love.

 Madea has warmed up to her and they play together rather well. Every once in awhile Berra will bite Madea’s ear, or tail, and Madea will give her a what for, but Berra’s a persistent little bugger so goes back for more, and more.

 Kommit, on the other paw hand, is not so tolerant. She does NOT like to share the water dish with this furry intruder. She does NOT like when Berra even brushes up against her—basically she does NOT like Berra. Kommit not only gives warning growls, she has actually attacked Berra on three different occasions, scaring the living daylights out of me. Berra, however, scoots away, only to return for MORE. She seems determined to win Kommit’s affection even if it means losing her very life!

I do think that Kommit will come around, but until she does, I am ever vigilant and never leave those two unattended. I will leave Berra alone with Madea because SHE actually ran to Berra’s defense one time when Kommit attacked her! I do believe she feels a bit protective of Berra. Amazing how dogs interact within their pack. Even though I’m the Alpha of THEM, they are still trying to determine WHO the Alpha is amongst EACH OTHER. I think Kommit may be it, but I don’t think Madea is going to tolerate Kommit harming the little one (who won’t be little forever, so Kommit will be in for a rude awakening one day!).

Berra loves to climb ON things, like our legs and Madea, and she likes to climb INTO things, like the toy box. Here she was trying to hide.

When she realized I found her, she peeked out at me, like Oh, you found me. Well, since you distracted me, I’m gonna attack those toes of yours because they are so soft and feel so good on my teeth! 

Here Berra and Madea are face fighting. They sound like a Hyena and a Squeak Toy (you can determine which is which).

Berra looking at me, as if to say, WHAT the heck is THAT? Can I chew on it?

 Berra after drinking MORE water which is another reason she has to ding ding the bell every ten minutes.

 And here she is in one of her FAVORITE spots—next to the slider. It’s cool there AND close to the BELL! She plays SO hard and needs to nap quite often. Too bad her naps are SHORT.

Like I mentioned, she loves to CLIMB and what better place than Dalan’s lap. 

She LOVES Dalan and kisses him the MOST. I berra get any kisses. I suppose it’s because I’m the one who is always saying NO

I think the reason she doesn’t know her name yet is because she is confused as to what it IS. She fluctuates between Puppy Vicious, Berra and No or a combination of Berra No. I’ll have to work on that….poor thing, one confused female in the house is more than enough!



  1. Pamela, these photos of Berra are absolutely ADORABLE!!!!!!

    She is BEYOND cute! I just wanna pick her up and squeeze her!

    "She also knows how to sit, give paw and lie down on command."

    That's AMAZING!!!

    I also think it's so cute how she rings a bell to go pee-pee!

    Isn't it something how animals/pets interact with each other; trying to discover WHO is the Alpha? I had two cats who did the same thing, and without a doubt, the FEMALE was the Alpha.

    You GO, girls!

    Hope you're having a FAB Sunday, dear lady!

    Thanks for sharing such a heartwarming post!

    1. Ron, Berra is already spoiled because all I want to do is "pick her up" too!

      I think in the human world females tend to be the Alphas too! ha ha!

  2. THAT'S IT. I'm sending my unruly, ill mannered Mutts to you. FED-EX. Wave your magic manners wand over them and ship 'em back (I'll enclose a prepaid return label)....Thankyouverymuch!

    1. Grammy, once I get this little one trained...ship your darlings on over! I LOVE dogs. If I had more land, I'd have a freaken dog farm!

  3. Love Berra! She's adorable! I LOVE that she rings a bell to go out! I need you to teach mine too but I can wait till you're done with Grammy's pooches ;)

    1. Bubbe, I decided on the "bell" so that I would know EXACTLY what they wanted. It makes it SO much easier than listening to them whine or have them hit my hand with their snout. THOSE could mean anything from "play with me" to "I want a treat".

      I'll train yours after Grammy's and ship 'em back. Heck, maybe I'll go into business training dogs.

      And an FYI, you CAN teach old dogs new tricks. I just taught my 9 year old Boxer how to "salute"!

  4. Replies
    1. Mo, I agree! She's adorable but my is she active!


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