Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Ten In Ten To Help A Teen

*You’re a woman on a bus, riding comfortably, when a young teen gets on, taking the empty seat beside you. She introduces herself and tells you where her stop is. You know that ten minutes hence, she’ll get off and you won’t see her again. For whatever reason, you feel an urgency to impart the ten most important things that you believe she’ll need to know to carry her through the rest of her life. You don’t have time to plan and you don’t have time to poll your friends. When this girl gets off the bus, she’ll be gone forever. You will either have used the opportunity of ten minutes, or you’ll have lost it. As a woman, what will you tell her? What ten essentials can you absolutely NOT let her get off that bus without hearing? What really matters, to you, in life? *

My answer:

You don’t know me and you’ll probably think I’m a crazy lady. But I can assure you, I am not. I’m a wife and a mom and I want to give you some advice that I wish someone would’ve given me when I was your age.

I want to tell you that respect is very important. Not just for others, but especially for yourself. If you don’t respect yourself, you won’t think twice before doing something that could harm you or your reputation.

Honesty is justice, so be true to yourself and to others. If you are always honest you will never have to try to remember what you’ve said or the stories you’ve told and everyone will know you are always a person of your word.

Noble Character is determined by what you’ll do when no one is looking.

Personal Responsibility is challenging, but it builds character and that is something no one can ever take from you. Only you can destroy your character.

Forgiveness is a gift. Forgive yourself and others. Just remember that when you forgive another it doesn’t mean you have forgotten the bad deed or that you have accepted it. It just means you have forgiven them and you aren’t bitter. Bitterness will eat you alive from the inside out and prevent you from living life in true happiness.

Be compassionate. Compassion expands our heart and guides us to love.

Patience truly is a virtue. Remember, sometimes it’s the anticipation of the reward rather than the reward itself.

Always seek knowledge. Once your eyes and ears are closed, you become dead to everything around you.

Learn to accept yourself. You are perfect just the way you are. There is no other human like you and there never will be.

Find your purpose. Life has no meaning without a purpose.

You’ll remember my words throughout your life, sweetling, and when you do, think of me with kindness. I wish you well. Now go and live your life to the fullest. Have fun and be safe.

What would your ten in ten be? Have you ever given it any thought? Maybe now is a good time to do just that!
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