Thursday, October 6, 2011

Bye Bye Starbucks

I go to Starbucks…a lot. I love their Vanilla Lattes. I know they created names for the size of their drinks. Venti, Grande, Tall are fancy names for large, medium and small so that you won’t hesitate to pay the huge price tag for a cup of coffee, and pay I do. Well, up until yesterday.

Yesterday I went in and since I’m a regular (at least three times a week) I don’t even have to tell the Barista my order— Venti Skinny Vanilla Latte—they already know. The Barista said, “Four fifty-five” and as I was handing him my gold card (oh yes, I’m so freaken important I have a GOLD Starbucks card!) my mind was reeling with Wasn’t it just four thirty-nine on Monday? I didn’t ask the question, though, because I was aggravated.

The line had been so freaken long and the store was filled with people on their laptops and others who were just sitting their chatting which made the noise overwhelming (I recently found out that I’m overly sensitive to noise) that I just wanted to get my damn drink and get the hell out of there!

As I was WAITING for the six other Stabuckaholics to get their drinks, a woman I know, who, of course, frequents Starbucks just as much, if not more, than me, whispered, “Did their prices go up?” I told her I was just asking myself the same thing! We both also thought Starbucks had already increased their prices once this year already!

What the hell? I’m all for companies making a profit, but $4.55 for a cup of freaken coffee? It’s good, but it’s not THAT good! Besides, McDonald’s sells Lattes now and they have a drive-thru AND theyre cheaper. I’m really not cheap, but I’m also NOT stupid. I still have money on my GOLD Starbucks card so when it reaches zero, I’m done.

Bye-bye Starbucks, it’s been nice.



  1. Come to Brazil. You'll see. a only coffee here costs around $8

  2. Thiago, I would love to visit Brazil. It's beautiful there, from the pictures I've seen ;-)


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