Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Glass is Full and so is Life!

Vacation has come and gone, weddings, graduations…oh my! It’s been one busy summer! And it’s not over yet. I’m not complaining. I like being busy, but I do find it difficult juggling so many different tasks and I wish could manage my time better. My son has been in Basic Training for almost two months and while it’s gone fast in one aspect, it also feels like it’s been dragging along at a snail’s pace.

I’m on Facebook, but up until I found and joined the Delta 1-19 Family Support page, I haven’t really posted or commented a whole lot. Now I find myself practically addicted! The Delta Support page feels like a life-line to my Soldier. I have made new friends, gained insight to military life and information, found pictures and even received bits of information about my son. It’s been a lot of fun, too, and I look forward to logging on every day.

Having my son away at boot camp has given me a different outlook on life. Many parents go through their children leaving for college, but they can communicate with them via telephone. I, and other military parents, don’t have the luxury of modern day conveniences and must rely on the tried and true post office. I type letters to my son every night, telling him mundane things about our days at home, or even not so mundane. Like two weeks ago when a teenager sped past our house, lost control of his vehicle, went through three yards, hit a mail box, missed a basketball pole and side-swiped a tree, barely missing a house. Thankfully the boy was okay, and his parents contained themselves and didn’t “kill” him! Although, he’ll be working extra hard to pay for the additional insurance premium, I’m sure! But it’s information like that that my son longs to hear, boring, or otherwise. He needs the connection from me as much as I need it from him.

His letters inform me of his Army life and family. His new buddies; the push-ups he does to receive his letters; how grateful he is at the “care” I put into the packages I sent him…and he even told me how appreciative he is of ALL the things I’ve done for him over the years! He also tells me how much he loves and misses me! His letters bring tears to my eyes and I miss him all the more…longing to hear his VOICE instead of devouring the slant of his hand writing.

As an “emotional mom” I want to run down to Georgia and demand that “they” give me MY baby! As a “rational mom” I know he’s doing the right thing in following his dream, growing stronger and becoming a man, and I can’t wait to see him on the weekend pass in September to hug and tell him IN person how very proud I am of him! He’s doing a great job, as my son, as a soldier…as a young man, and I couldn’t be more proud!

I’m also proud of the other moms, wives and relatives on the Delta Support page. They are a wonderful group of people—supportive and caring and I’m so honored to be part of such a great unit.

Life has twists and turns, as we can all attest, but when we find ourselves surrounded by “good” people, we can confirm that we’ve taken the right path and the glass is definitely half, if not all, full!

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