Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Birthday Reflections

Yesterday was my 46th birthday, and the first one spent without my son since he was born. While that saddened me a bit, I was still smiling because his letters sound as if he’s truly happy at Basic Training, and as I’ve said countless times, that’s all I’ve ever wanted for my children.

Another reason I was smiling was because I’m happy. Yes, I’m a year older, but what’s really great about that is the wisdom one obtains each year…well should if one is willing to keep one’s eyes, ears, heart and mind open! Yeah the aches and pains aren’t all that fun, but the knowledge can overcome that if you concentrate more on the latter than the former.

I’m really blessed and that makes me feel happy. Oh yes, I’ve had trials and there are mistakes I’d rather not recall, only because they hurt people I love, but it’s those very mistakes that made me the person I am today and it’s the person I AM that I’m very proud of.

I worked hard to heal, to forgive, and to be optimistic. Those weren’t easy feats, let me tell you. Especially the forgiveness, because it wasn’t just absolving those who have hurt me, it was also about releasing myself from the shackles of guilt! Whoa! That was a tough one, probably THE toughest. Anyone on the path of emotional healing knows this. They also know the journey is well worth the effort.

In addition, I believe the journey is life-long. We are works in progress—constantly learning and growing…living… and I want to live a long life with many, many more birthdays.

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