Thursday, February 10, 2011

Whiter Whites

I’ll bet there isn’t a laundress out there who doesn’t like WHITE whites. I’ll also bet that you’ve tried just about every product on the market—bleach, bluing, and water softeners. And you’ve probably had bleach eat at your fabrics-- like when you pull on your socks and the top half rips right off. Or how about too much bluing and, yep, instead of a white bra, you’ve got a baby blue one. Oh, the softener is nice because your clothes DO FEEL softer, but, as far as whiter, not so much.

Well, I’ve got a nifty little trick for ya! Cascade Dishwasher Detergent. No, you don’t have to put your clothes in the dishwasher. You’ll still use your washing machine, except you’ll add Cascade liquid to your laundry detergent.

I let my washing machine fill with water and add the laundry soap and, depending on the laundry size, add the Cascade. If it’s a full load of laundry, I use the entire bottle, and I downsize from there.

Ever since I began using Cascade in lieu of bleach, my whites are WHITE, not yellowish, and it’s not harsh on my fabrics. The only drawback is the cost. Cascade is on the expensive side compared to a bottle of say, Clorox. But, for me, the $6 a bottle for a full load of whites is SO worth it.

Give it a try and be dazzled by the whitest whites!

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