Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Mouse That Saved My Sanity

Two weeks ago, sitting at the dinner table with my family, I told my youngest son, “I ordered your mouse today.”

My oldest son dropped his fork and demanded, “Why can HE have a mouse and I can’t have a Venus Fly Trap?”

I reached over, patted his hand and replied, “Because HE’S my favorite.”

“Aw come on! That’s NOT fair! What kind of mouse is he’s getting?”

“An exotic one…from South Korea.” I wasn’t lying; the mouse WAS from South Korea, except it was a mouse for the computer, but I didn’t let my oldest son know that—yet, although my husband and youngest son did.

“An EXOTIC mouse! What THE…”

“Yeah. It’s REALLY quiet.” I was having trouble keeping a straight face and my son was getting pretty upset.

“That’s NOT fair!”

“Dalan, it’s a mouse for the COMPUTER.” I told him the truth, considering he was getting so hyper, and it really wasn’t fair that my husband, youngest son and I were having so much fun at HIS expense!

“What?” He looked at me like I had grown two heads.

“You know how much the clicking sound of the mouse bothers me. Well, I found one that supposedly DOESN’T click, but they don’t make them here in America, so I had to order it from South Korea.” All of this information was true. We’re probably like many families, we own more than one computer—my oldest son has a PC in the game room and we have a family PC in our den, which is next to the kitchen where I sit at the table with my trusty laptop and blog. And hence the problem…the CLICKING from the den drives me CRAZY!

I’ve purchased numerous mice (mouses?) but none seem to…ah… work—THEY ALL CLICK! My husband and youngest son (bless their hearts) even place a towel over their hand to try and drown out the noise… nope, doesn’t help.

Not wanting to be a witchy mom/wife, I went on a massive search for a QUIET mouse. I figured with all our technology, there MUST be ONE out there! And there IS! But like I mentioned, it’s not manufactured nor sold in America. (Figures!)

I read the reviews and didn’t find anything negative. I even read one that said: This mouse saved my marriage! I chuckled and thought I could write, This mouse saved my sanity!

I wasn’t too sure about ordering the mouse from an unfamiliar web-site, especially one from half-way across the world, so I searched E-bay. After finding it there, I found a seller with a 100% positive feedback rating. Deciding it was worth the risk for $40, I ordered the little rodent and crossed my fingers.

Two weeks after ordering, the exotic little critter arrived! (I didn’t expect it so fast, to tell you the truth) I ripped into that box and plugged it into the computer in no time flat. I began clicking the button …nothing. Okay, I thought, maybe I became immune to the sound. In case I had a sudden case of deafnes between the time I ordered the critter and its delivery, I called my youngest son and told him to sit at the computer and click while I stood in the kitchen and listened. He thought this a bit amusing considering I was normally asking him to STOP clicking!

There I stood in the kitchen…listening, “Are you clicking?” I asked.


“I don’t hear ANYTHING!” I skipped into the den and high-fived him.

My youngest son played his video game last night as I sat at the kitchen table and heard---SILENCE! And as they say, silence is golden.

This mouse really IS going to save my sanity!

So, if you are looking for a QUIET mouse, try E-bay, and I highly recommend this seller, who even sells mice (mouses?) for gaming, plus they have FREE shipping with tracking.

If you want peace and quiet while gaming, or just surfing the net, for that matter, this rodent is WORTH IT!


  1. I wish I had known..I just bought a new mouse yesterday!!!
    Venus fly trap?? Really? LOL!!!

  2. Oh yes a Venus Fly Trap. He's eccentric, my oldest! :-)


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