Sunday, February 8, 2009

Tweezerman for Life

How would you like to have a pair of nail clippers, tweezers, a brow shaping brush, or a foot callous remover that can be replaced for FREE when it doesn’t work like new anymore? Sound too good to be true? It’s not. 

Tweezerman manufacturers, sells and stands behind their tools 100%.
This company has all the products you’ll ever need to keep your hands, nails, feet, eyelashes and brows in tip-top shape! And they guarantee them for LIFE. 

If you purchase a nail clipper and it gets dull from regular use, you can mail it back to Tweezerman and they will sharpen it for FREE. If they can’t sharpen it, they will replace it…for FREE.

Tweezerman are the only tools I use. Their prices are reasonable and their products are durable. Plus they have a variety of tools to choose from. 

I love their eyelash curlers. When my eyelash curler loses its “twirl”, I mail it back and within a week I have a brand new eyelash curler. The only cost to me is the shipping TO Tweezerman. I’ve mailed Tweezerman nail clippers, numerous cuticle nippers, acrylic nippers, tweezers and eyelash combs over the years and I’ve never been charged one cent. The guarantee this company says you get is the guarantee you receive! No fine print, no mumbo-jumbo, no standing on your head and blowing bubbles out of your nose. If the tool is dull from normal wear and tear--it’s replaced for free, no questions asked. Now THAT'S a warranty.

Too bad I didn’t have Tweezerman’s warranty when I had my leather sofa and my 1 yr old son scratched it with his matchbox car. The warranty company I DID HAVE said it wasn’t an accident. Wasn’t an accident? Sure, my 1 yr old KNEW in his infinite 1 yr old wisdom that his corvette matchbox car would scratch my brand new leather sofa, so set about a plan to scratch it while I was otherwise occupied in the kitchen. When I noticed he was quiet…it was too late. His devious scheme was played out and my sofa was all but ruined. It cost me a fortune to have the sofa repaired. Side note, never buy a Guardian Warranty for your furniture.

Back to Tweezerman. I recently purchased the brow shaping brush and I absolutely love how the bristles grab each little hair of my eyebrows. And believe me, I wasn’t blessed with great eyebrows! I have to enhance with a pencil, but this brush works really well with what little I do possess. The tweezers come in all shapes, sizes and colors and many have cases so you can carry them in your purse. And boy are they great at grabbing splinters!

You can order directly from Tweezerman’s website or you can purchase many Tweezerman tools at a Sally's Beauty Supply Store near you. Have fun!

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  1. Interesting...I did not know they had such a quarantee. I go through a set of tweezers a year...could be a nice investment.
    The guardian are so right. Such a waste. everytime I have called them, they came up with some excuse as to why the coverage did not pertain to me.
    Made me SOOOO mad.


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