Thursday, February 19, 2009

Honest Scrap

I’ve been scrapped. Honest.

This is an award that Suz over at Day by Day bestowed upon me. I have to admit I was a bit perplexed. What is Honest Scrap? I know scrap-booking. As a matter of fact, I’m way behind on that project. My photos are in a box and I really need to get them out, organize them and put them into the scrap-books that I purchased like 2 years ago! But HOW did Suz KNOW about my scrap-booking procrastination? I mentioned I could sew, but did I write I could scrap-book?

Then reading a bit more I realized this Honest Scrap was actually AN AWARD.

“Okay, Blondie”, I said to myself, out loud, because I talk to myself…A LOT. “Maybe you should read the entire blog before jumping to conclusions.”

I was really excited, because I’ve been blogging on The Oracular Opinion for over a year and Siren Sense is only a few months old and I've never been nominated for anything. Nevertheless, it’s been fun, but it takes a lot of work getting traffic and dedicated followers. Now here I am, honored with an ACTUAL award! So, I want to thank Suz for being a friend, dedicated follower and for the tribute.

Without further delay here are the rules for the Honest Scrap Award:

#1. Choose a minimum of 7 blogs that you find brilliant in content and/or design.
#2. Show the 7 winners’ names and links on your blog and leave a comment on their blog informing them that they were bestowed with “Honest Scrap”.
#3. List at least 10 honest things about yourself.

Here are the 7 bloggers that I’m honoring with the Honest Scrap Award. You will find some of them on
The Oracular Opinion, because Siren Sense is still in its infancy and doesn’t have much of a following…yet.

#1. Angel believes today's media isn’t a good source for news because of their bias. In her opinion journalists have lost their way and do bias politics instead of reporting. She has a lot of useful information; so if you like conservative political news, check out Angel's Blog.

#2. Debbie’s Choice is also a blog about Conservative Politics. Debbie is a True American that lets it shine through in her writing. She’s served in the United States Army and cares about issues that affect Americans, especially women.

#3. Jayne at Conversations with Brit and Grit will give you insight to world events and she also adds pictures, humor and even parody songs. This blog is updated regularly and is also filled with links that will help keep you informed and highly entertained.

#4. Karen is a wife and mom that wants to live life to the fullest and blogs about her experiences. Check out
Karen's Korner for some humor and insightful wisdom as well as some great photos.

#5. Take a peek at Jennifer’s blog at How to tell if a Guy is a Jerk. She has a lot of information here for the single woman looking for Mr. Right. Even if you’re married or have a significant other, this blog is interesting.

#6. Things Good Parents Do is an excellent blog. Jim Kochenburger isn’t your average blogger; he’s also a speaker and publisher of parenting books. His blog won’t have any current posts because presently he’s working on a new web venture. But the older posts are tremendous. So, parents, browse away for some useful parenting tips. I can’t wait for Jim’s “new web venture” in April!

#7. Mimi puts a new twist on dating at the Dating Profile of the Day. This blog is a lot of fun. Mimi takes actual dating ads that are just too bizarre to be taken seriously and lets her readers make fun of them. Take it from me, it’s a blast.

Now the honest part.

This is fun; because I can tell only what I want and leave a little for the imagination.

#1. I’ve been married twice. My husband is also my ex-husband. Yep. We got married then divorced then re-married. (A blog post for another day).

#2. I have 7 brothers and sisters. 2 brothers, 3 half sisters, a step-sister and a step-brother. I’m the oldest, hence wisest…or so I tell them.

#3. My step-mother is the mother of my heart. She’s been married to my dad for 31 ½ years. I wasn’t born to a good bio-mother, so in the Universe’s infinite wisdom, it blessed me with a mom as a pre-teen. I count my good fortune every day.

#4. I ALWAYS wanted to be an actress. Ever since I was a little girl I used to practice my lines and interviews in front of mirrors. Oh yes, I was soooo famous. EVERYONE wanted my autograph and an interview. My name was in lights and I got an Oscar for EVERY movie I was in--which, of course, was EVERY year! In real life, about 20 years ago, I mailed Jay Bernstein, who was Farrah Fawcett’s Business Manager, a picture of myself. Well, he called me! We were supposed to meet, but it didn’t pan out. (Another blog post for another day).

#5. I love Gone with the Wind. I’ve watched the movie at least 50 times. Rhett was my 1st love.

#6. Someday I want a lot of land and horses.

#7. I LOVE coffee. I drink it with a ton of cream and splenda. I believe my blood is a combination of plasma and coffee.

#8. I’m a blonde, well, I THINK I’m still a blonde. I’ve been a platinum blonde all my life. But as I’m getting older my hair is growing darker. I’m not sure how dark, because as soon as those pesky little roots grow in--I get out the dye. Having a beauty license comes in handy.

#9. I love Vampires. I don’t know what this means. Except that maybe deep down I like the whole mysterious dangerous man thing. I don’t think I want to be bitten on my neck, because I hate the sight of blood. That’s why I never became a nurse.

#10. I love to write. It’s my passion. I write poetry and I’ve completed 2 children’s stories and a Western Romance. I have this whole “fear of rejection” thing going on. It’s prevented me from pursuing an agent. One day I hope to overcome this phobia and get my name in print.

Okay, so that’s a little, well, a lot about me. Maybe it’ll give you readers a new insight to ME. A different slant on Me as a person rather than this anonymous blogger that gives facts and opinions. I am real. I am woman. Hear me roar. (I love lions, by the way).


  1. Pam, an award is an award.
    Whatever it means.. it means you did something great.

  2. sound great, if you are ever single again, give me a call.

  3. I love your honest list. So great. I also LOVE Rhett...he is a true gentleman. Even if he is fictional. :)
    I too had a beauty license. I let mine go when we started moving state to state!!
    Great job.

  4. Pam, Thank you so much for the award. I will do my best not to let you down. I too love western romances, please take the leap and send me a signed copy. Have a great day!

  5. pammy i want to know if that picture you sent to farrah's manager was in the same bathing suit that made her famous?!!.. he he .. that was great!!

  6. Thank You SO very much Pam.
    As the others have said, I will try my best to keep the much need work going and not to let you or anyone else down.
    And by the way, you certainly deserve the award as well.


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