Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Pisces!

If you were born between February 19th and March 20th, your sun sign is The Fish.

You are a Water sign, which means you are lead by your emotions. Women are the Queens of hearts, of course you would use your emotions to lead you! You are a Mutable sign, which means you are adaptable and communicative. No surprise here. Aren’t ALL women adaptable and communicative? I mean come on…what woman can’t juggle a career, family, scheduling, crises and still manage to fit in a bubble bath all the while communicating to EVERYONE what .where. when.
You are loving, kind and trusting and a romantic who is compassionate, but your shyness can prevent you from making your true feelings known. You are creative and have a predisposition toward intuition. However, on the negative side, you can be self-pitying and temperamental. You can be dependent and an escapist with a tendency toward the morose. You’re most compatible with Scorpio, Aquarius and Cancer the Crab. Sagittarius and Leo are 2 signs you should probably steer away from. Your color is Violet. Ambergris is your perfume, which is made from the Sperm whale. The Lotus or Water Lilly is your plant. It grows in ponds and lagoons, therefore it epitomizes Pisces the Fish. Your gemstone is Aquamarine.
Now this IS a gem. The beautiful sea-green color represents Pisces perfectly. Every Pisces gal should have at least one of these! The Fish and Dolphin are your animals. I think as long as the Fish aren’t Japanese Fighting Fish you’ll be okay. They don’t play well with others. Dolphins are docile creatures. There are tales that Dolphins have actually helped shipped wrecked sailors to shore. Wouldn’t it be cool to have a swimming pool and a Dolphin for a pet? As long as it wouldn’t harm the Dolphin, that is. I like how they Chirp to communicate. Since Pisces are communicative, this animal would make a lively companion for the Pisces gal. Imagine having one in your swimming pool. It could teach your youngster to swim and even keep watch over the little bugger while you throw that last load of laundry in the washing machine. I wonder if local township laws would permit a Dolphin in a swimming pool. Maybe you could get it passed the zoning laws by saying it’s a Nanny or even a Swimming Instructor! Fellow Pisceans: Elizabeth Taylor, Eva Longoria, Queen Latifah, Drew Barrymore, Glenn Close, and Cindy Crawford
Pisces Astrology Photo Compliments of: Kagaya Studio


  1. ..... and me, who turned 65 on February 21, the descendant of samurai warriors.

    I love my sign. I also love my sign in Chinese astrology: Sign of the Monkey.

    Thank you very much for posting this!

  2. Well Happy Birthday, Lorna! Are you intuitive? My husband is a Pisces (Feb 23rd) and he is extremely intuitive, almost like he can read my mind!

    I haven't done much with Chinese Astrology, all I know is I'm the Sign of the Snake.

    I'd like to hear the story of the Samurai Warriors!

  3. Hi, Mikkiel! I think swimming lessons are wonderful. And yes, the instructors are terrific.They teach children not to be afraid of the water and once they learn to swim they can truly enjoy the water. But wouldn't it be great to swim with a dolphin! I had a chance when I was in Mexico, but decided to horseback ride instead. And I actually got to ride my horse into the ocean and he swam! It was such a wonderful experience. Horses are great swimmers!


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