Thursday, January 22, 2009

Michelle Obama’s Inaugural Gown

I love fashion. Shoes, clothes, jewelry--you name it, I love it. I’m a walking, talking Barbie. So, it’s only natural that I’d want to see and analyze what Michelle Obama was wearing for the inauguration.

I thought her golden sheath dress and jacket were very classy. Not every woman can pull off that color, but Mrs. Obama did. Kudos to her. Now the inaugural ball gown is another story and I’m not talking Cinderella.

Do you remember those toilet tissue covers with the woman’s head on top from the 70’s that grandma used to crochet? Well, that’s what Michelle’s gown reminded me of. She was wearing a Toilet Tissue Cover Ball Gown. I mean come on! With all their money she couldn’t pick something else? Now Jill Biden rocked those balls in that sleeveless red ball gown. If I didn’t know any better I would’ve thought Mrs. Biden was the First Lady of the United States. Shame on Michelle for letting Jill outshine her.

I mean what’s up with Michelle? One day she looks so beautiful then WHAM! She’s frightening. Does she have trick mirrors or something. Or no mirrors at all. I think the 1st executive order should have been to hire her a fashion coordinator. A first lady is classy. Look at Jackie Kennedy, Nancy Reagan and Laura Bush…all classy. Michelle Obama can be classy, too, but she needs to stop trying so hard to be original and learn what works for her. It’s like she’s Oprah on steroids. And it’s not as if she doesn’t have access to top designers and fashion advisors or is lacking in the money department.

My advice to Michelle Obama is to correct her posture. Stop slouching and stand tall. Wear clothing that is form fitting so that it accentuates her slender frame. Show off those long legs by wearing some heels. Sheath dresses matched with jackets are her best bet. Skinny pants with form fitting blazers would look really stunning. She has endless possibilities. But she needs to stay away from those bell sleeves--she’s not Scarlet from Tara. And she needs to stop hiding underneath bulky clothes that make her look like a fat Amazon. If she does these little things, she’ll be a First Lady that will wow the masses.

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  1. You are so funny. I think my granmda still has one of those tacky tissue covers....think of the germs on that after a few years. :)
    I did not see any of the gowns...really. I know that is bad.
    I had heard though, that she has nice taste????
    Apparently not ALWAYS. :)


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