Thursday, January 15, 2009

Children’s Vitamins

There are a lot of parents who want to supplement their children’s diets with vitamins; however, the vitamins out there are, as kiddos say, “Yucky.”

After trying just about every vitamin on the market, I was at a total loss, until I found
Nutri-Farmacy, a Nutrition Store by my home. It’s run by a pharmacist turned naturalist, Dr. Dan Wagner.

Dr. Dan suggested Animal Parade vitamins for my son and now EVERY morning my son takes his daily vitamin. I ate one of these vitamins, which come in grape, orange and cherry flavors, and they actually taste good! My son has been consuming these vitamins daily since he was about 4 years old and he gets less colds than most other kids, plus his hair and nails grow like crazy!

These vitamins are all natural and inexpensive. It’s easy for me to just hop in my car and go to the store to purchase them, too, because Nutri-Farmacy sells them; however, I found a
web-site that sells them for less than $15.00 and shipping is only $4.99.
The vitamins come bottled with 180 animal shaped tablets so it’s enough for about 6 months. The instructions say to take 2 per day, but Dr. Dan told me one vitamin per day is enough, and that’s what my son takes. Every night I put 1 vitamin on top of the vitamin bottle lid, so my son can eat it before breakfast.

If you have a child that hates vitamins, give Animal Parade a try.

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