Friday, January 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Aquarius!

If you were born between January 20th and February 18th, your sun sign is The Water Bearer.

You are an Air sign, which means you express yourself intellectually.

Well this is no surprise! Women are the smartest people I know!

You are a Fixed sign, therefore you resist manipulation. You form your own opinions, no matter how unique, and can refuse to adapt.

Yes, women are unique creatures. And if we choose not to adapt, that’s exactly what it is--a choice. Because all women have the ability to adapt, and we prove that day in and day out!

You are communicative, thoughtful, caring and humane. On the negative side, you can be tactless and rude. You have an intense interest in people, however, you’re sometimes unwilling to share your ideas which may be due to your lack of confidence. You’re most compatible with Pisces, Libra and Gemini the Twins. Cancer and Virgo are 2 signs you should probably steer away from.

Your color is Violet. Aspen is your tree. Galbanum is your perfume, which is a resin found in Iran and Turkey. It has a spicy-woody-balsam fragrance. Olive is your plant.

I’ll bet no Water Bearer is going to go out of her way to get an Aspen, or an Olive, unless it’s for a Martini, or this nice smelling perfume, no matter how popular the Egyptians thought it was!

Your gemstone is Sapphire.

Now here’s something a Water Bearer will go out of her way for! WOW! And double WOW! What gal wouldn’t want one of these dangling from her finger, ears, neck…did I say finger? Or two?

The Peacock and Eagle are your animals.

What diversity here. With your humanitarian heart the Eagle epitomizes your sign. It’s an endangered species and it’s also protected by Federal law. Peacocks are gentle, pretty, and elusive. But both creatures are perfect representations of Aquarius.

Fellow Aquarians: Farrah Fawcett, Geena Davis, Jennifer Aniston, Judy Blume, John Travolta, Paul Newman and Gene Hackman

Aquarius Astrology Photo compliments of: Kagaya Studio

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