Thursday, November 18, 2021

The Tale Of Two Bubbas

I was doing my normal morning routine, which includes cleaning Bubba's litter box. I scooped then added more litter, which left the litter container empty. In order to remember, I texted myself and to my surprise, I got a HUGE laugh.

*4127669877 (not my real number)

Litter for Bubba

A minute later I received a text.

*4127669878 (not the real number)

Better get lots. He's been pooping up a storm.

I looked at the text, thinking I might have texted my husband by mistake. Then I noticed the number. It was one number off at the end. I'd texted a complete stranger!

ROFLOL! OMG! I tried to send that to myself! As a reminder! I'm so sorry to have bothered you. But you seriously made my day.

Ha. That's what I was thinking. You have a good one and don't forget the catnip.

This is Bubba.

He looks like a Bubba.

This is my Bubba. All 18 lbs of him.

So a wrong number not only had me belling laughing but we actually had a Bubba in common! It was truly refreshing. Especially in today's times when we get so many scam calls or if we dial a wrong number, we get someone screaming at us. 

Have a super day! 

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