Monday, April 25, 2016

Subvert Your Lashes

Every woman has a beauty issue–some of us more than one. And what we perceive to be an issue is amplified when we look in the mirror.

An issue I have is pulling out my eye lashes.

No, I don’t purposely pull them out. I curl them with an eyelash curler and for some reason my right lashes fall out, while my left lashes stay perfectly intact. This is a problem for me because my right eye has gaps and then about 10 lashes. It looks stupid and ugly. I do have false eye lashes but they are a big pain in the butt. I’d just rather have thick, long lashes on both eyes, thank you very much.

But since the universe rarely bequeaths my wishes, I do the next best thing— I buy what I want. In this case I buy Urban Decay's Subversion Lash Primer. You can get it just about anywhere, although I love Ulta and Sephora, so I purchase a lot of my products there. Plus you can order on-line, which I love.

I have used many, many eye lash primers and conditioners over the years but Subversion is definitely the best one I’ve used. It’s a primer, so you can apply the primer then overlay with your favorite mascara. I just use it at night to condition my lashes. And when I do that, I notice new eye lash growth within a week. It really does work that fast. It also has great reviews on Ulta’s website.

So if you are like me and yank your eye lashes out with your eye lash curler, or if your lashes just aren’t as thick and long as you’d like, give Urban Decay’s Subversion Lash Primer a try.

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