Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Happy New Year - From Berra

Hi! Guess Who?

It’s me, Berra. And it’s been a very long time since I’ve updated you on…well, me!

Today is two years since I came to live with the Zydel’s. Can you believe it? Two whole years!

 I only weighed five pounds back then and now I weigh forty-eight. Mommy says I’m a fatty-ma-watty, but she says it with bunches of love in her voice.

 Back when I weighed five pounds, Madea and Kommit were afraid of me. Well, Kommit passed on to the Rainbow Bridge a year ago September. Mommy was so sad. She cried and cried. She says she still misses that Wiggle-butt. Madea’s still here and I love her so much. I kiss her and snuggle with her. I also bite her legs and steal her toys. And she doesn’t even get mad at me! She the best sister ever!

 And I got the bestest news the other day. I’m getting another sister. And she’s an Elkhound, like me! Except she’s older. She’s eight. Her name is Bacardi and she’s been living outside in a dog house and Mommy and Daddy felt so sad that they just had to adopt her. She’ll come to live with us in a few days. I’m really excited. I’ll have another dog to snow snorkel with because Madea isn’t really a snow dog like us Elkhounds. We even like that frigid, sub-zero weather we had not too long ago.

 I go out then come in. And then I ring the bell on the door about five minutes later because I want to go back out. And I do this, oh, all night. Mommy tells me no but I don’t give up. I look up at her and she says, oh all right, but just for a minute. A minute in Berra time can last a long time. Or until Mommy says, Daddy said come! Then I know she means business and I bark at the night air and run up to the door.

 My family is wonderful to me. They spoil me something fierce. I have lots of toys and I pull them all out and scatter them all over the floor. I like to have two or three under my snout at a time and if someone picks a toy up, I drop what I’m doing and run to them because I want what they have in their hand.

I especially like when they have food. My favorite is licorice. Mommy will bite off itty-bitty pieces and I will sit or dance or give my paws to get those pieces. I get treats too. Mommy buys Madea and me special ones. I know right where they are and when I do something cute, I run to the treat drawer and sit down like a good girl. It’s hard for Mommy not to reach in that drawer and give me one.

 Dalan is my boy. I love him more than my treats. I miss him when he’s away at that college place. I know the sound of his car though and I run to the door to greet him. And when he’s home, I’m right by his side. I snuggle with him and he pets and loves on me. Austin is good to me too and I will snuggle with him when Dalan isn’t home. I have four people to pick from. I’m the luckiest dog in the world!

I can finally jump on the beds by myself now. It took a long time. I used to just place my front paws on the mattress and they would boost my bummie. But now I’m a big girl which is good because I can jump up and down whenever I want!

 I have a good life and I’m a very happy dog. I’ll let you know how I like my new sister. Until then, have a Happy New Year!





    And WOW...I can't believe it's been TWO years already since you came to live with the Zydel's! And yes, I remember when you first got there and your Mommy posted pictures of you and I told her that I thought you were so cute! Well...you're STILL cute. Cuter than ever!

    Great news about getting another sister! Yahoooooooo! And I'm sure she's gonna love living with you and Madea!

    Hey, you and I have a lot in common. I also love snow and the cold weather. And I also LOVE licorice, especially black. I can eat it until comes out of my ears. I even like the black jelly beans that everyone hates. That's okay though...MORE for me!

    Thanks for you update, Berra! And please tell your Mommy that Ron says Hi from Philly!

    And ((((((((((( hugs))))))))))

    Have a grrrrrrrrrrreat week!

  2. Hi Ron! It's me, Berra's mommy ;) I do remember you saying how cute she was when she was bad...I mean little. She doesn't chew my plants anymore, or my walls. She's just a bossy boots. And a total diva! But I love her to pieces!

    I sure hope she likes her new sister. We're getting Bacardi Thursday night. I'll take pictures and do a post. It ought to be interesting, to say the least. My first "senior" dog adoption. But truly, I'm excited.

    You have a fantabulous week!



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