Thursday, June 7, 2012

Magic Visors

Almost two weeks ago I got a new vehicle, well, a Jeep…a Patriot to be specific. I mentioned that it took me four days to decide to even get the darn thing. My plan was to wait until next year, but as many of us know, plans change and we need to go with the flow. I gave my other vehicle, a 2002 Jeep Liberty, to my oldest son. It only has seventy-four thousand miles and is in VERY good shape because I babied that Jeep— I LOVED that Jeep. But, as I said, plans change, so I got a new one and now my son has a more reliable one which he better baby or deal with mommy wrath.

However, I haven’t been IN LOVE with my Patriot but
it has more interior cubic feet—yea
it doesn’t have more ground clearance—boo
 it gets better gas mileage—yea
it’s not as rugged as my Liberty—boo
 it’s still a red (burgundy) color—yea
it has Sirius radio—who cares…I mean—yea
 it has heated seats—double yea

 See where I’m going with this? If you don’t, let me explain.

My Liberty is a rugged vehicle and even though I’m a girlie-girl, I’m a tom-boy. I guess I’m a girlie-tom-boy, but my Patriot is NOT a rugged vehicle, although it has what I need. It’s not a car, because other than a Bentley Continential, I don’t like cars (I feel like I’m sititing on the road). I like four-wheel drive. Actually, I like big ass trucks, but I don’t need a big ass truck, hence the SUV—a rugged looking SUV which the Patriot is not, however, it is a bit bigger, better gas, heated seats, Sirius radio. All in all, I gave up something to get something

 Got it now? Okay, good because I think I confused myself.

 Anyway, even though my Patriot isn’t rugged (my most favorite feature that I dont have anymore) I fell in love with it today.

I was sitting at the bank drive-thru and used my visor mirror for the first time (yes, I was applying lipstick) when I noticed two little arrows etched on my visor mirror cover. I was like, What the heck are the arrows for, there isn’t a light on the outside of this visor mirror. Upon further inspection, I realized the arrows indicated that the VISOR SLID on its rail!

 So, me being the inquisitive little bugger that I am, I slid the visor and pushed it forward and popped it out of its holder then I pushed it toward the windshield, and then I SLID the visor to the right. OH.MY.GAWD! The visor blocked out the sun that managed to shine between the visor and rear view mirror! There was NO gap!

Excitedly I pulled the visor back toward me and then pushed it toward my left window pretending there was sun that was frying the left side of my face. Once there, I SLID the visor on its rail and it moved further along the window, which meant it will NOT fry the left side of my face or get into my left eyeball!

This was WONDERFUL! This was MORE than wonderful. This was FANTABULOUS! I was so tired of being blinded by the sun, not to mention I was afraid I was going to get into an accident because I couldn’t see!

 When I got home, I ran upstairs (well, I walked really fast) and told my husband, “I LOVE my Patriot now!”

 “Oh yeah. Why?”

 “Come outside and I’ll show you!” I threw my purse on the kitchen table, kicked my shoes off, and bounded back down the steps to the drive-way.

 He followed me, although he didn’t bound down the steps. Once outside, I instructed him to sit in the passenger seat as I demonstrated my fantabulous visor. “Isn’t that wonderful!” I asked after my demonstration.

“That’s why you love it?” He asked as he looked at me like I had grown two heads.

“You know how I can’t stand the sun in my eyes. Now I wont be blinded!” I didn’t let his poopy attitude get me down. I had MAGIC visors!

“It doesn’t take much to make you happy.”

 “I keep telling you that!”

“I’m glad you love your Jeep now,” he told me with a chuckle.

After he went into the house, I vacuumed the carpets and cleaned my windows because I’m a clean-car-freak, by then Dalan got home, so I had him sit for my visor demonstration too. He was just like his father—laughed at me.

 Well, I took pictures to share with YOU, my blogging friends who wont laugh at me, because THIS is MAJOR news and it only took me twelve days to figure it out! 

So, if you have a car and need to find any secret compartments or magic hickey-doos, let me know. I’ll sit in your car and apply some make-up and let you know as soon as I find any goodies!



  1.  THATS EFFIN WONDEROUS!! Yay you! Also, my husband rarely bounds either. Unless there's chocolate chip cookies involved and then he's a bounding fool...:)

  2. Pamela, I adore your new Patriot!

    I've never owned a jeep myself, I but I've always wanted one. There is something so cool about the way a jeep looks. Also, I think they're much safer than a car if you should get in an accident-more protection.

    And I had to laugh at this....

    " I vacuumed the carpets and cleaned my windows because I’m a clean-car-freak"

    OMG....I was the same way when I still owned a car. I cleaned it constantly. In fact, I even had one of those small vacuum cleaners that I could plug into the lighter, so I could vacuum in between vacuuming with my big vacuum cleaner - HA! In Florida, cars get dirty very fast because of the sand and dust, so I was forever vacuuming  the interior and washing the exterior.

    "“You know how I can’t stand the sun in my eyes. Now I won’t be blinded!” I didn’t let his poopy attitude get me down. I had MAGIC visors!"

    That is soooooooooooo cool! What an AWESOME feature!

    So glad you LOVE your new Patriot now!!!!

    Wishing you many, many years of happy driving, my friend!

    ((((( You )))))

    Have a terrrrrific Thursday!


  3. Hey, I'm actually pretty darned smitten with your Patriot now too! (And I was totally nodding with each point as somewhere deep inside I long to say to hell with carbon footprints and own some massive monster truck just so I can drive around town looking tough as nails :D) Magic Visors are one of those delicious treats absolutely serving to confuse me as to why it took so long for them to be invented!!! Love love love! xo

  4. Grammy, I'd do cartwheels for chocolate chips cookies! Well, no actually I won't. I can't. I tried. I'll try though. I LOVE 'em!

  5. Ron, I drove Jeeps for years. I really like them. The Grand Cherokees are nice too, especially when they are FREE! 

    I had one of those portable vacuums! I burned it out! I need to get another one. 

    I can only imagine the sand and dust in Florida. Yuk. I'd go nuts, well more nuts than I am now ;-)


  6. Annie, I don't even give carbon footprints a second thought. It is what it is. And if I could have a monster truck, I would. I wanted a Hummer, but one like the Army. How's that for tough as nails! 

    Yeah, why does it take so long for magic visors an other goodies to get invented or added to vehicles? Maybe they need creative women in those engineering car rooms! We'd show them a thing or two!

    So nice to see you back. I was worrying about you.



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