Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Sex Map

I’m a mom of teenagers, but most importantly, I WAS a teenager once, so I KNOW teenagers have sex. I knew when my boys hit the teenage years I was going to have to reiterate time and time again that anytime they had sex they could create a life, therefore they would have to be extremely careful, not just because they could create a life, but also because they could get a sexually transmitted disease (Trust me, I stressed abstinence, too).

 Every time I bring it up, I get, I know Mom. But that doesn’t stop me from repeating myself. It’s just too damn important. A baby at sixteen, nineteen, or even twenty-two, when they haven’t even finished college, gotten a decent job, or gotten married, could effect their lives in ways they can’t even begin to imagine.

I’m open about sex, but I’m not sure I like this new interactive map—Where Did You Wear It—compliments of Planned Parenthood. Sex is supposed to be intimate and meaningful, but this map reads like a freaken road trip.

 I understand there are parents who don’t communicate sexual information to their children and the fact pages of the site are quite useful; I just don’t get the map. To me, it’s like making a joke about when and where you and your partner have sex. That’s not something to joke about.

 A lot of adults say that teenagers are too immature to have sex, this map proves that point. What the heck is wrong with PPH? Do they THINK sex is funny? A joke? Something to advertise? They need to wise the hell up. Give useful information but stop with the pinning of sexcapades. No one needs to KNOW that type of information unless people want to talk about it, then let them talk amongst themselves. It doesn’t need to be advertised on the internet, and especially on an interactive map.

And parents, if you can do anything for you kids, TALK WITH them, even if it makes YOU feel uncomfortable. You were a teenager once. All you need to do is remember back when YOU were that age and how you wish your parents would’ve treated you. It isn’t that difficult. Treat them like people, with dignity and respect. It goes a long way.



  1. GREAT post, Pamela!

    I think it's awesome that you talk so openly about this topic with your boys.

    You're so right....

    "And parents, if you can do anything for you kids, TALK WITH them, even if it makes YOU feel uncomfortable."

    because when I was a kid, this topic was such a no-no and so taboo.

    I checked out the website link you shared and I have to agree, I understand the useful information about condoms and such, but I don't understand the reasoning for the map?!?

    Again, great post! And thank you for sharing it.

    You da' BOMB!

    ((( You )))

    Have a terrific Tuesday....X

    1. Ron, sex-talk shouldn't be taboo and it shouldn't be too open--just the right amount so kids know it's serious. Because it's not a joke.

      Yeah, that map just threw me for a loop! I'm not a prude, but a sex map... really?

  2. Yikes, I'm pretty bloody appalled at that map as well. I absolutely agree that it is not a subject to make such light of. Education and information are the best tools we can possibly arm our children with. Reducing the entire dialogue to an "App" is just ridiculous. It tells me that we can no longer be bothered with in depth conversation - to address their concerns and air our own. There's clearly no time! Absurd. If we handle all efforts at education with the same carelessness, we're really in for a mess of a future, no?

    1. Annie, seems anymore everything has been reduced to an "App", so why not sex education!

      Time, yes, the biggest conundrum ever. We get more and more technology, yet no one seems to have any extra time! Why is that?

      I sure hope our futures aren't a mess. But it does look that way.

  3. I employed the open door policy with my boys....I was pretty blunt as a mom though....I was not afraid to ask them after a night out, "Well did you have sex?" LOL I know! I know! But it would open the door for conversation, and it was to let them know, they could talk about this subject with 'mom'! One son calls me even today, as an adult, if he needs 'girlfriend' advice. I love it! My other boys, now have wifes, and yes, I never knew EVERYTHING that went on, and some new things come out occassionaly, yet today! My goal was: They could talk to me about anything, and I think I accomplished it because more than once, all three have told me: We can't talk to dad about this, only you! "Heavy burden!" Because "dad" was the one that always had the answers....:))

  4. Mrs. C, just the other day at lunch my boys said they were glad they could talk with me about sex. And they both ask me for girlfriend advice. 
    My goal is the same as yours, for them to be able to talk to me about anything! So far so good for me and it seems you have accomplished yours! Bravo!

    Have a super weekend!


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