Thursday, March 1, 2012

Forget The Drama ~ Give Me Diorama!

I have a lot of hobbies. I read, make jewelry, sew, scrapbook, collect Gone With The Wind memorabilia, lions, and Barbie ornaments, blog, and write Fan Fiction. One day I hope to take classes in photography and how to draw. Right now, though, I need to add Barbie Diorama collecting to the mix!

As you know, I purchased Barbie and Ken dolls, who, on this blog, are known as Darbie and Ben. I decided that they needed some new clothes, so while I was at my parent’s house over the weekend I browsed one of my favorite sites, eBay.

 Holy WOW Batman! I knew there was Barbie stuff out there, but I was truly clueless as to just how much! When they say Barbie has EVERYTHING, they aren’t kidding! You should have a gander at the freaken furniture this chick has! And I’m not talking the plastic crap my Barbies had when I was a kid. No, this broad has Victorian sofas and cushioned dining room chairs with matching arm chairs AND place settings for eight which include wine goblets, soup bowls and gold flatware. Barbie and Ken can get cozy in King-size beds! They have bathtubs, sinks, chairs, ottomans, telephones, newspapers, books and Kleenexes. I must say, it’s all so adorable and totally life-like!

 I was telling my husband all about it and I told him about the items I WON on eBay. “I got a horse, books, itty-bitty Kleenex boxes and a harp!” I excitedly told him.

“So, I’m supporting Darbie and Ben, I guess.” He rolled his eyes.

“Yes. And you have to build them a house. Only four rooms with a bathroom.” I ignored his rolling eyes. After over thirty years together, I get the privilege of doing that.

“Only? And where are we putting this house?”

“I’ll put it downstairs in the game room for now.” I had it all planned out, having thought it through while at my mom and dad’s for two days.

 “Yes, because the Zydel Mansion is so huge,” He said spreading his arms wide.

 “They aren’t staying with the Zydel’s. They are staying with the Hart’s.”

“I don’t even get name credit?” He looked at me like a hurt puppy.

“No. Why would you?”

“Oh only because it’s my money buying them all their shit.”

 “Well, I did print off money for Ben today.”

“That’s a huge relief. I hope he has more money than me.”

“I forgot to print off fifties.”

 “Oh shit. Better get on that right away. Can’t have Ben with no fifties in his wallet!”

“I know, seriously! What kind of provider would he be to Darbie without fifties?”

“Pam, why are you doing this?” He looked at me quite seriously. “Are you going to sell this stuff?”

“No, it’s just for fun.”

“Are you going through your second childhood?” He was staring at me intently, almost as if he was afraid I had lost my mind. And considering he knew me so well, he might have a reason to be worried—given the fact I normally lose my mind on a weekly basis.

 I did give his question some thought for a second or two, then answered, “Yes, I think I am!” That only produced another eye roll.

I do think I’m going through my second childhood though. These miniatures are absolutely adorable, as I mentioned earlier. And since I’ve always loved Barbie, I really can relive my childhood. Not that I’m going to actually PLAY with these dolls, but I can collect clothes, furniture, and all the little furnishings that go with a house. It’s going to take me years to get it where I want, I know, although that’s part of the fun. I will be creating something and that’s what I like most. I’m going to create my OWN diorama. Since I’ve already named my dolls, Darbie and Ben, and they ARE living with me, I figure they can live in a little town called Hartsville. I have no idea where this will all lead but I surmise it will be interesting. It will also give me years of enjoyment, plus keep me (and my husband) busy—as if we don’t have enough already! But it’s a learning lesson too (one can never have too much of an education!).

 Just with the little research I did over the weekend, I learned that some people repaint Barbie into One Of A Kinds, some even refurbish vintage Barbies and then others completely redo them, rerooting their hair! I don’t know if I’ll go that far, but I would like to try a repaint.

 For as much as my husband teases me, he really is supportive of all my hobbies and he goes out of his way to help me. He will make Darbie and Ben’s house. I know he’ll tease the hell out of me along the way, but he knows the sooner he gets it done, the sooner Darbie and Ben can move out!


  1. Yes Barbie has a lot of things in this world! She is the "material girl"! LOL I have my original Barbie things from my childhood years, and YES I have purchased a Barbie, (or 2, or 3) since! I actually just got one the other day, at Big Lots that is the JEANS SERIES! They are really cool!

    1. Mrs. Cravitz, over the weekend my dad went into Big Lots but my mom and I went into the craft and thrift stores! I never thought of Big Lots! I'm going there this weekend, thanks for the tip! I sure wish I still had my Barbie stuff from when I was a kid!

  2. You are absolutely adorable and I don't think, for a moment, your eye-rolling husband doesn't realize that and even secretly relish it! :) I was never much of a "girly girl" so I never took much interest in Barbie, but I'm having one helluva time living out that second childhood with you! :)

    1. Annie, I'm glad you are enjoying living vicariously through Darbie and Ben (Barbie and Ken)! And yes, my husband is a sweetie...but only on the days I don't want to slap him! ha ha!

  3. “Are you going through your second childhood?”

    “Yes, I think I am!”

    You GO, girl! And do you what? I am too! In fact, I've been going through my second childhood for the past 30 years!!!! As you know, I love Barbie too, so now that I FINALLY got my first one, I'll be collecting even more. I also collect trolls, stuffed bears, and even a few Beanie Babies!

    Like the song in Peter Pan......"I Don't Want to Grow Up!" HA!

    LOVE your idea about a house for Ben and Darbie! Also I love the name for their town...Hartsville! That's BRILLIANT!

    Oh and btw, I just checked out the Barbie Diorama website and went BONKERS! How faaaaaaaabulous. I also loved the page she had on The Munster dolls!

    Fun post, Pamela! Enjoyed it MUCHLY!

    Hope you had a super-duper day!


    1. Ron, somehow I don't think you ever got out of your first childhood! You seem like one who has always been fun! Oh Beanie Babies, I saved all the ones I bought for my sons. They are SO adorable! I still buy some here and there, according to birth dates.

      I liked the Munster Diorama too! It was a show I watched as a kid. The Lily Barbie is awesome!


  4. I've collected and made dollhouse miniatures for years, although they are on a smaller scale than Barbie is. It's a lot of fun!

    And those re-vamped Barbies, oh my dear sweet lawd, some of them are just gorgeous!

    Just letting you know, you've got an award:

    1. Jo, oh how awesome you collect dollhouse miniatures. I'm assuming those are the 1:12 scale. See I learned this that too this past weekend!

      Yes, those revamped Barbies are something else, aren't they! Almost REAL looking! Some of those sold for over one hundred dollars!

      An AWARD! Yippee! I do like those! Thank you!


    2. You are correct, they are the 1:12 scale. Also, I may have some extra Barbie pieces laying around, and if so, I'll save them for you! (Remind me soon, though, or I'll forget...)

    3. I'd love to see pictures of your miniatures!

      Oh wow, Barbie stuff for me! You are SO sweet! Thank you!


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