Thursday, February 9, 2012

Live Your Passion

There is a lot of advice out there about life and living it to the fullest. I’ve been on a personal, self-healing journey myself, and found that time is one of our most precious commodities, because without time we can’t enjoy our families or our passions or even find out what the latter is, for that matter.

 I found a poster browsing the internet. It’s called the Holstee Manifesto. I think it’s profound. Many people will pooh-pooh the if you don’t like your job, quit, advice— but it’s TRUE, so don’t pooh-pooh it with excuses, because I’ve heard them all. Heck, I’ve even given quite a few of them myself. But the truth of the matter is, if you dont like your job, you’re wasting your life. Yes, you need a job to pay your bills, but you need to find one you LIKE, and quick, or you’re going to end up miserable, if you aren’t already. Take the leap— take a chance, because some opportunities only come around once, seize them. You only get one chance at life— it ain’t no dress rehearsal.

 Life is Simple. Yes, actually it is. Well, it’s complicated, but once you realize THAT, it’s simple. Life is what YOU make it. If you WANT a good, happy life, then LIVE a good, happy life. Does that mean bad things won’t ever happen? Of course not. It just means that you’ll be happy in the here and now, when it matters, and when something bad does happen, you’ll be better equipped to accept it. With every living thing there is a season, a time, if you will. As humans we have seasons, or a circle of life, if I may borrow a phrase from Disney’s Lion King—and some circles of life are longer than others—and yet others are short. It’s up to us to accept each circle of life, regardless of its length—embrace its beauty and glory while it’s here and appreciate it, then accept when its time is due.

 Travel often; getting lost will help you find yourself. Traveling doesn’t mean you have to go to Europe or even another state. You can travel to the next street over—WALK there, or drive to the local coffee shop or bookstore and get to know people. Getting lost doesn’t mean literally. I lost my job and while it was the BEST thing that ever happened to me, I didn’t realize it at the time. I was lost and didn’t know what to do. I had defined myself with MY job! I had no self-esteem; I had other-esteem and I had to lose that in order to find MYSELF and gain true self-esteem, something I had never done before. Getting lost was one of the greatest gifts of my life.

 Life is about the people you meet, and the things you create with them, so get out and start creating! Don’t be afraid to open your mind, arms, and heart as it’s the fear of the unknown that has prevented many from finding their purpose. Don’t be THAT person, don’t be fearful—be empowered and grow your social network by meeting new people, and you just might find your true self, your purpose, and your passion!

 I think one of my favorites from this manifesto is start doing things you love. I used to spend so much time working at a job I disliked and worrying that my house was as neat as a pin. It was time wasted… lost on things that didn’t complete me. It’s time I’ll NEVER get back. Now I spend my time doing what I absolutely love—writing, for one. It’s not about what I earn, because that’s not what matters to me anymore as I’ve found true happiness— true down to the tips of my toes happiness. Writing is my passion. I can’t imagine ever going back to the corporate world. As a matter of fact, doing that would kill me, figuratively, of course. But I refuse to do that to myself again because I deserve so much more, and so do you!

 If you can give yourself a gift, give it the gift of a fulfilling life. 

Find your passion and LIVE IT! 

Be happy by doing what you love. 



  1. Totally guilty of the "bitching about the job but never doing anything about it" thing....I'm basically a scaredy cat at heart...

    1. Grammy, I think "fear" is a big factor for a lot of people. It was one of mine! I still find myself "afraid" of things, real and imagined. But I'm working on it!

  2. Hmm. I agree with Grammy a little. Raising four kids on one income makes it difficult to just up and quit a job. I was lucky that I really liked my work.

    But I understand where you're going with this Pam. I used to spend every moment outside the office cleaning house and doing chores. Not any more. Dust bunnies abound at home and are completely safe most of the time. Now my free time is spent reading, writing, visiting with friends and family.

    While I'm still looking for that special something that I can call a passion, I'm enjoying everyday things more. We "travel" the way you describe - there's a local restaurant we frequent often enough that everyone there knows us and sometimes the servers even fight over having us in their area.

    Thanks for the reminder to stop and smell the roses, in spite of the bumble bees!

    1. Bubbe, every job has it's pros and cons. It's when a person is consumed with the cons and the job is draining a person to the point of exhaustion, mentally and physically.

      Ah, yes, the "everyday" things! I enjoy them SO much more now too!

      Smelling the roses is truly great, but yes, we do need to watch out for the bumble bees (what a great analogy!).

  3. What a wonderful poster, Pamela!

    And my favorite line is the last....

    "Live your dream and wear your passion."

    To me, it's all about having passion. If I didn't have passion in the product that I offer in my line of work, I couldn't sell it. I've worked for companies before, where I made GREAT money, however I didn't have passion for what I was selling, so I had to quit. I can't fake selling if I don't have PASSION in something.

    "Yes, you need a job to pay your bills, but you need to find one you LIKE, and quick, or you’re going to end up miserable, if you aren’t already."

    That is so true. I mean there will always be certain 'things' we may not like about our job, but overall, if you're not'll end up not doing a good job and perhaps end up getting fired anyway.

    And you're right, it's not HOW MUCH we make in our jobs, because I could work more hours and make more money if I wanted to, but I choose to live more simple so that I have more 'time' to do the things I enjoy.

    "Life is Simple. Yes, actually it is. Well, it’s complicated, but once you realize THAT, it’s simple."

    Yup, I totally understand what you mean by that. And I think we sometimes actually MAKE it more complicated ourselves, by not seeing how simple it is.

    AWESOME post, my friend! Very inspiring!

    Hope you had a faaaaaabulous Friday!


    1. Ron, there probably isn't a job that needs one to "like" it more than RETAIL! That is one I probably couldn't do! Bravo to YOU for having the personality and the passion for it!

      So many people get so wrapped up in "salary" rather than the reward of feeling good emotionally. YES, money is great, no doubt. But if you are so drained or goodness forbid, SICK, money can't buy your health.

      Have a super day!


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