Thursday, December 1, 2011

Word Cloud Drivel

I just found a Word Cloud site called Wordle. It’s pretty neat. Not only can you create a pretty Word Cloud picture based on the most common words used on your blog but you can also analyze those words to see if you duplicate a lot! Fortunately for me, shit and hell were my most commonly used cuss words (phew!)! There are numerous Word Cloud sites. Find one to analyze your site or just have some fun.

I did.

 I took the words from my Word Cloud and produced sentences and then turned them into one big run-on paragraph (a big grammatical no-no). It makes absolutely no sense what-so-ever! But then again, sometimes that’s me on a regular day, so what the hell heck!

 One year I know my son read well and that the front garage was open and someone thought the cars were wet. Dad knows little, but he actually works great. He heard that she purchased a present. The new bed cell phone called ten days ago, but the husband always answers and he told the kid to think or scat. To head home he saw the right course was going left and also nourishing fourteen children around a Christmas concert, control felt okay when the true stuff was just shit we use. But I already knew he threw a temper in the way back seat of the car. Yes, much room, at least he can sip it from a bag thing. Look, even happy people get mad working. But he came along, since the boys explained early pit radio skates. Time it wrong and minutes later the hour will end. Dalan and Austin went to wrestle and now bouncing and moshing are favorite YouTube directions. Take the presents knowing the mosh boy has a name. A hell of a lot found that the oldest brother got a good old ice idea.


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