Saturday, December 31, 2011

I'm a Versatile Blogger!

It’s December 3st, the LAST day of 2011 and guess what?


I know! It’s so awesome, if I actually slept, I would think I was dreaming!

I was honored with the Versatile Blogger Award from a new Blogger friend, Bubbe, who authors Blather by Bubbe. I found her thru another friend, Jo at The Bright Yellow Balloon and I’m really glad I did. She writes/rants because it’s way cheaper than therapy but her rants are funny and don’t get me all depressed and pissy. I haven’t read ALL her posts, yet, but those that I have read are really great and she seems truly authentic, which is MY kind of person! Thank you SO much, Bubbe! You made me feel very special!

Now there are a few rules that accompany this award. I’m supposed to:

A) Nominate 15 Bloggers
B) Inform them of the nomination
C) Share 7 random things about myself
D) Thank the Blogger who nominated me
E) Add the Versatile Blogger logo to my post

Okay, they are all pretty easy, except A. Fifteen Bloggers might be a little tough since I read a ton of blogs but don't always comment (my bad) so not many Bloggers even KNOW I exist! However, I do subscribe to their blogs, so their stats reflect me. I may have to slide a little a lot on A.

Here are some fantabulous Bloggers, who are also Versatile!

 Ron, who writes a blog called Vent. Ron is one fabulous person thru and thru. He not only writes fun and funny posts, he also writes inspirational ones. Ron is unique, he replies to EVERY comment! PLUS, he visits ALL his guest’s blogs and comments there too! Where he finds the time and energy, I have no idea, but it just goes to prove my belief that you find time for what’s important, and Ron definitely makes you feel important!

I read Lynn at All Fooked Up. She is one great, comical chick. She writes Monday thru Friday, rain or shine, and brightens my days by making me laugh out loud and sometimes even snort out loud too (SOL for you Twits). Her blog title says it all and if you haven’t read her, you haven’t read! She too is another amazing Blogger who responds to every comment!

Just this past Thursday, I found a brand new blog! Whitney from Are You There Blog, It’s Me. She’s a Mom and funny as all get out! I’ve only read a couple of her posts, but I’m totally hooked! She says shes always late AND she terrorizes her kids at Christmas—just like ME! Maybe we were separated at birth! You can even like her on FaceBook, too! I did, because she’s very likable!

I also enjoy, but have been remiss in leaving comments (I will rectify this in 2012) Hot Flashes Of Inspiration, written by Emma Jayne, a self-appointed Super-Gal. Shes my kind of gal and will be yours too if you like funny, honest posts!

Okay, that’s it for now. Check them out and tell them Pamela sent you!

Now, seven random things about Moi:

1. I don’t drink alcohol. Not that I never drank it or that I won’t ever drink again as long as I live—I just HATE being drunk. This is due to growing up with an alcoholic step-father and Im hyper-vigilant. Being drunk is NOT conducive to the latter. Im pretty sure I became hyper-vigilant due to having an alcoholic step-father and a bio-mother who was addicted to prescription pills—someone had to be the adult, and voila! That someone turned out to be Moi! Guess the hyper-vigilance just never wore off, or I just dont know how to turn it off.

2. I LOVE dogs. I’ve had a dog ever since I was seven years old (before that I can’t remember but have pictures of me with a Boxer and German Shepherd). I currently have two dogs. A 9 year old Boxer, Kommit, and a 3 year old German Shepherd mix, Madea. We are getting a NEW puppy in February. She is a Norwegian Elkhound. She’s supposed to be my son’s dog since his Boxer, Hayley, was put down two years ago November 17th. But I’m not delusional, I know this puppy is just as much for ME as it is for him!

3. When I was pregnant, I ONLY wanted boys! I never wanted a daughter! I was very fortunate that I got my boys. I think there is a reason. I’m VERY picky about my clothes, shoes, jewelry and make-up and if I had had a daughter taking or borrowing my things, I would probably have grounded her for life, so she would’ve been begging to be adopted. Things turn out for the best!

4. Im an office supply whore. If Staples or Office Max ever go out of business, you could come to my house for your pens, pencils, markers, highlighters, labels, envelopes, paper, notebooks, stickers, cards, staples, tape, glue, erasers and even binders! I dont know why I have this fetish with office supplies. It’s really odd, I know, and even though it’s a pain in my butt to store and organize all my shit wonderful goodies, it comes in handy when my kids have school projects! 

5. I’m an Atheist. No, I’m NOT a heathen and I don’t choose to not believe in God because it’s a validation to corrupt living. I am good to others. I don’t lie, steal or cheat but I don’t need the fear of hell looming before me in order to NOT do those things. I do the right thing because it makes me feel good and it’s common sense.

6. I love lions. Yes, real ones, but they’re illegal to own, and even if they weren’t, they would be awfully expensive to feed, plus I don’t have enough land yet and with a husband, two sons and almost three dogs, there just isn’t enough room in my current home! Anyhow, as I was saying, I love lions and I’m a Leo, so I collect lions. I have lion statues, plates, framed pictures (that my kids drew when they were little) stuffed animals, and even a lion tattoo (I'm going to do a tattoo post one day soon)! My husband said you can’t swing a cat without hitting a lion in our house, except we don’t have a cat, so I don’t know HOW the hell he knows this.

7. I think my bladder has shrunk to the size of a peanut. I have to pee every fifteen minutes or so and if don’t, and then I laugh—I need to change my underpants. This can be difficult if I’m in public because I don’t carry extras with me. If they made Depends in Thongs, I would definitely wear them! So until Kimberly-Clark gets with MY program, I just go to the rest room frequently!

How’s that for some versatility! Acknowledging my nomination, recognizing some fabulous Bloggers, and some random facts about me! What a great post to end the year!


  1. Written On Saturday, December 31, 2011 9:11 PM

    Okay, first of all I want to say CONGRATULATIONS on receiving this award, Pamela, because you TOTALLY deserve it!

    And that's why I LOVE your blog - it's versatile! You share about EVERYTHING! I don't read many "topic" blogs because I much prefer blogs that have a variety of topics. To me, it's more interesting. I like not knowing what someone is going to share about.

    Second of all, THANK YOU. Not only for sharing this award, but for your sweet and kind words.

    I love responding to each comment and visiting other blogs and commenting, because to me, that's WHY I blog - to communicate and form relationships. I've met soooo many wonderful people through blogging; people who I've met in person and who have become close and personal friends.

    What a GREAT list of 7 random things about you!

    I too love Lions (and also Tigers). And thank you for sharing that you are a Leo because I was wondering what sign of the zodiac you were. I'm a Libra, but have FOUR planets in Leo, therefore I feel a kindship with Leo's!

    I died laughing at you being a office supply whore! How funny! I'm a whore when it comes to skin care supplies. You should see my bathroom, it looks like a cosmetic department - HA!

    Again, thank you for sharing this award. That really touched me. And I will be sure to stop by the blogs you listed above and check them out.

    HAPPY NEW YEAR, my friend!

    Cheers and X

    1. Ron, I enjoy "topic" blogs too and that's why I like YOUR blog. That and your awesome personality!

      Guess what! I have a Libra rising! So we are more "kindred" than you imagined! No wonder we like Barbies! lol!

      Skincare whore, huh? Well, I could use some tips in that department. Once you hit 40 it all goes down hill, especially the flawless skin! ;-)

  2. Written on Tuesday, January 3, 2012 11:30 AM

    Love how you wove it all together Pamela! The office supply whore bit had me laughing out loud - my father-in-law just bequeathed his desk to Hubs and it was FULLFULLFULL of shi...uh stuff. I don't think we'll ever need to buy envelopes or paper again! I'll head over and check out your nominees soon!

    1. Bubbe, oh a desk! How great! Now, you need to organize it and all goodies inside! (See I'm so weird!)

  3. Written on Thursday, January 5, 2012 3:24 AM

    Congratulations on your blogger award! I was surprised to learn that you're an atheist. Although I'm no longer an atheist (I consider myself agnostic), I still follow your rationale for why I do the right thing. I think too many people use religion as a protective cloak to justify the rotten things they do.

    1. Malcolm, you're surprised that I'm an Atheist? That's interesting. May I ask why?

      I agree "that too many people use religion as a protective cloak to justify the rotten things they do". I suppose it's hard to "do the right thing" and religion helps some people stay "in line", so to speak.

      Thanks for stopping by!

    2. Written on Saturday, January 7, 2012 5:34PM

      I'm surprised because I don't come across many conservative atheists.. I know conservative atheists exist, but let's face it, you don't often hear those two terms used to describe a person. :-) However, this could be because many conservative atheists choose not to broadcast their non-beliefs.

    3. You're spot on, Malcolm, many don't "broadcast" their "non-belief". I know quite a few "Conservative Atheists".

      I think the reason is there is still a bit of a stigma attached to being an Atheist--the whole heathen thing. Which is sad. People shouldn't be judged on what they believe or don't, but on how they act and live their life.


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