Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Gift Exchange Fun

My family is pretty big and when it comes to purchasing gifts, not only can it get expensive, but kind of crazy. What do you get the guy, or should I ask guys, as I have three brothers, who not only have everything, but what they don’t have, they can just buy themselves?

 Then you have my sisters, who, rather than spend money on themselves, spend it on their kids—sound familiar, Moms? (Yeah, we’re like that…all selfless.) My sisters are tough to buy for, too though, because they have everything under the sun. They also have hubsters, and those ever-so-generous gents shower their brides with dazzling-sparkling-shining objects all year long (or at least pay the credit card bill at gun point with a smile on their face!).

 So, what we found works and is really great fun is a grab-bag. We set a price limit, write our names on paper, then each pick a name (and keep it secret until the big Christmas day exchange), and issue orders (because the women-folk in my family are bossy like that) to purchase uni-sex gifts (they can be kinky but uni-sex REALLY means compatible for males and females).

 On the day of our Christmas get-together, we put all the gifts in a BIG pile in the middle of the floor. None of the gifts have tags, so no one knows who purchased what, because it adds to the excitement! We then write numbers on pieces of paper. If you have twenty people, then you need twenty pieces of paper and numbers from one to twenty. Each person gets to pick a piece of paper, i.e. a number. The number lets you know the order in which each person gets to pick their present.

 The person with number one gets to go first, duh. He/she picks and opens a gift and that’s that. Now the fun starts with the person who has the second number, because this person can either pick a gift from the pile OR steal the opened gift from the first person! If the second person does steal the gift from the first person, the first person gets to pick from the pile of gifts. This process continues until all the gifts are gone. It gets really fun when you get a gift that becomes popular. One year it was a $50 Gas Card. Another year, a Steeler's Sweatshirt. And yet another year, my brother-in-law and I went back and forth with a coupon book. You never know WHAT gift is going to be THE ONE, so it’s fun, fun, fun. We also have a rule that a gift can only get stolen three times. You can make up your own rules and also your own gift themes. Like one year we did strictly Gag Gifts. I also think an As Seen On TV Gifts theme would be super fun!

 I just LOVE this tradition because, like I said, it’s fun! And anything that involves my family, giggles, laughs, and fun is tops with me! Try it with your family, maybe you'll have so much freaken fun it'll become a new tradition for yours too!



  1. Written on Friday, December 30, 2011 11:28 AM

    Love this idea. We do it at work for our office party and it's always a hoot. I missed out this year because I was ill but one of the attorneys I work with got the prize! It's a framed photo of all the past gifts that no one wanted - the duds. It's captioned "Ghosts of Christmas Past" and it included red-neck wind chimesand a variety of other oddities. Note: who wouldn't LOVE red-neck wind chimes? Well, I work in a left-leaning law firm; most everyone wouldn't! ;)

    1. Red-neck wind chimes! LOVE it! Tell the left-leaning lawyers to get with the program! ;-)

  2. Written on Tuesday, December 13, 2011 10:11 PM

    You're right, Pamela, this gift exchange idea DOES sound like fun!

    "they can be kinky but uni-sex REALLY means compatible for males and females.'


    And I truly wish we had done this because we too have a BIG family, so it was not only hard to figure out what to buy everyone, but also VERY expensive.

    Personally, I like giving gift cards because then everyone can just use them to purchase whatever they want. And I also like receiving them myself.

    Hope you had a FAB day, dear lady, and are enjoying the holiday!


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