Sunday, November 6, 2011

You Look Pretty~What's Wrong

While in Georgia, for my son’s graduation from Army Basic Training, I was getting ready in our hotel bathroom. I had my hair dryer and curling iron plugged in and all my war paint make-up ready to go. My wet hair was up in a towel as I had just gotten out of the shower and I like to apply my spackling foundation before I do my hair. Dabbing foundation on my not-so-perfect complexion, I stopped and stared at myself in the hotel mirror then noticed my husband behind me, also staring at my reflection, as if he hadn't seen it a bazillion times before.

 “I don’t seem to need as much foundation,” I told him, squinting my eyes and leaning closer to the mirror as if that would somehow make a difference in how my reflection appeared.

 “I know. What’s wrong?” He wasn’t joking around as usual, and he too began squinting and leaning in to the mirror. “Is it the mirror?”

 “Or maybe the light. Can we take them home with us?” I asked and he glanced up at the fixture as if he was going to figure out a way to take it down. “Oh wow. This is pathetic. Here we are indirectly discussing how BAD I NORMALLY look!”

 His attention was diverted from the light fixture back to me. “Aw, you always look beautiful.”

 “Too late to schmooze now! Get out of here and let me finish.”

 Good thing we’ve been together for thirty years and he saw me when I DID have a flawless complexion! Plus it helps that love is blinder than a friggin bat! Ah, the good ole days, though, of tight, beautiful skin that barely needed any cover-up, foundation or big ass sunglasses! But now spackling and big ass sunglasses do wonders to hide flaws and bags wisdom lines.


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