Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I See Trollz & Hecklerz

I have to say that people who read blogs then actually take the time to type out a comment that says the post was awful, boring, stupid or some other dumb ass shit is just awful, boring, stupid or some other dumb ass shit. Not only that, but they will write the same dumb ass shit using two different user id’s…like people can’t tell it’s the SAME troll…duh. They are so pathetically wretched, not to mention, stupid, that they actually think it’s going to hurt the Blog Author’s feewings. Yeah, because we Bloggers have our entire identities all tied up in our blogs and if a troll or heckler comes along and tells us that our blog sucks, we’re gonna swallow a bottle of Prozac then sit in our car, with the motor running, while it’s parked in the closed garage.


 I have no idea why people do this happy crap. I read blog posts I don’t care for and I’m sure there are plenty of people who read mine and think blah. But we don’t WRITE it! We click out and move along to the next blog. It’s called Etiquette, for Pete’s sake.

So, for the trolls and hecklers who can't comprehend simple manners here's a little letter:

 Deer Trollz and Hecklerz, 

I will tipe this slo bekoz I no u kan not reed fast. I mite not spel evrething rite bekoz I never reseeved my Offishall Trollz & Hecklerz Dikshonaree. I waz hoping I wood git it fast so I cood comunikate with u. I hope u will still b able to reed this evin if its not speled rite. 

 Ferst, I think u need to git sum mannerz. Its very ignorint to jist leev meen komments in the komment sekshon when u dont evin bother to reed the post. And if u do reed the post and dont like it then jist dont say anething. Thumpers moma sayed if u cant say something nise dont say anething at all. I think u shood lissen to Thumpers moma. 

 U r all so a big fat lier bekoz u uze moor than one uzer id. Liing is verry rong. You will go to hell for liing. Itz very hot down there. The Devil is all so verry meen. Unless u smoke then it mite b a good plase for u bekoz smoking iz alowd there. Unless the politishans past a no smoking rulz there to. All the politishans r there or will b there bekoz they r big fat liers to. Remember that when u want to lie the next time. 

Next u need to lern how to spel. I no the offishall dikshonaree is verry speshal to u butt itz not uzed by alot of peepple. No one can reed what u rite bekoz u cant spel werth shit. If u r going to insalt peepple then do it with the rite speling. When u use yur offishal shitty speling that all the other trollz and hecklerz uze it jist makes u look even moor of a stoopid moran.

Im jist tring to help u here. I no it mite seem like I am piking on u butt Im not. I jist think if I am going to reed yur komments then they shood be reedable. I dont want to hert yur feelings butt if u need a tissu then u shood git one (its a part of thoze mannerz I told u abowt) itz good to blow yur noze with a tissu and not wipe it on yur sleev. 

If u follo my rulz then u mite evin git sum frendz! I woodnt count on it tho bekoz u trollz and hecklerz r sum pretty dum fothermuckerz.

Anehow if u have to rite a stoopid, meen komment dont be serprized if u r told to bark at the moon or eet shit and die or choke on yur keebord. 

Bi Bi.


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