Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Blog Pet Peeves

**Exclaimer ~ Mature Language**

I love blogs. Really I do. 


What the hell is up with all the blogs with give-a-ways, linky-love, hops, badges, and flashing fucking ads! I’m telling you, I could stab my eyes out with a broken pencil.

I know my blog is NOT perfect…far from it in fact. However, the last thing I want are ads that flash while I'm trying to read, therefore I won't torture my readers when they are trying to…well…READ! That’s the purpose of my blog. I write. You READ (that’s the goal even though I’m far from what many would call an actual audience, other than say, my family and a few friends).

If anyone cares what makes me run like hell once I click onto a blog, here's a list, not all inclusive, and I reserve the right to add to it as often as I feel necessary...

 Give-A-Ways ~ IM going away. Far, far away. I must click out, because I don’t have time to play sign-up for a give-a-way and have yet another bazillion spammers in my email in-box to delete! If I want it, I’ll fucking buy it already! Plus, if you NEED hits to your blog, WRITE something that is actually noteworthy then you won’t have to give shit away.

 Linky-love ~ This just SOUNDS kinky and kinky and the computer just don’t mix for me. Yes, Bloggers want comments, hits, followers…I GET IT! But again, WRITE shit that people want to read…they WILL follow (not that I actually follow my own advice, mind you, but I DO know how this blogging shit works!).

Blog Hops ~ What are we, seventeen? You hop to my blog and I’ll hop to yours. Then next week we’ll all forget about each another. Just lovely. Nothing like reliving High School Drama when were over 30, or 40, or even 50! Read my blog. Don’t read my blog. The decision is yours, just make sure it’s something YOU want to do. Don’t do it because I begged you, bribed you or made you feel guilty! Sheesh! If were adults, lets act the part already.

Badges ~ I click a blog that has a gazillion badges and I get vertigo! Not to mention confused, and trust me, I dont need any help. Where do I go first? The blog post? A Badge? Which one? Theyre all over the place cluttering it up like a store at Christmas displaying its wares! OKAY! You like your Blogging friends! You want others to visit them--put up fucking links!

 Flashing Ads ~ I’m gone in a flash. I understand ads. You want to make a few bucks off your blog. Fine. But I’m there to READ, so if I wanted to watch something that danced and sang, I’d go to YouTube, or Id pop in a CD and dance in front of my full length mirror.

 I know, I sound like such a self-righteous bitch. WHO am I to complain about anyone’s blog when I have like what? NO A few followers? Some of these blogs have hundreds, so maybe people like all that clutter and flashing BS. NOT me. Sorry. It makes gives me a raging bitch headache. I’ll stick to the blogs that are neat and clutter free.

 Do you have a Blog Pet Peeve (or more than one like me)? Or am I the only picky bitch?


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