Thursday, July 7, 2011

Words That Warmed My Heart

I’ve never been one for cell phones but since my son left for Basic Training my cell has turned into an extra appendage as I never know when he’ll call or text and I don’t want to miss him!

Yesterday he sent me a text; needless to say I was ecstatic. He’s still in “holding” and won’t be in “basic” until Friday, consequently he’s bored, but for the most part he likes it, oh and his dog tags are “bad ass”, but he misses us, and home. Then he hit me with a text that nearly knocked me off my chair but warmed my heart and brought tears to my eyes…

Dalan: I wanted to thank you and dad

Me: For what?

Dalan: For taking care of me

Me: Aw, it’s been a joy!

Dalan: No, seriously. I feel like I didn’t do enough at home

Me: Sweetie, you did the most important, you were a kid! We told you we wanted you to enjoy your childhood because it goes SO fast. If you had a good one then we feel we did our job! You make us so happy and proud.

Dalan: Thanks mum :/

Me: I love you sweetie.

Dalan: Love you too

My words to my son are true. My husband and I told our boys that they would be children once, and only for a short time, but adults forever, therefore the most important job they had was being kids. Yes, we asked them to do chores and of course they complied, but for the most part we allowed them to have fun. Dalan even got a job when he was sixteen but he quit when track season began this year and he had practice every day after school. My husband said we would “fund his account” because this was his last year of high school and he wanted Dalan to enjoy it to the fullest. Dalan said he did, with school dances, dates with his girlfriend, going out with his friends and his senior trip.

And now this text…those words, even though I didn’t hear his voice, they echo within in my heart. I feel that by him acknowledging and appreciating us and what we’ve done for him shows the depth of him as a person…a young man…a soldier.

Any parent will tell you that children, no matter how old, can surprise you in many ways and when they do, all the years of sacrifice are paid back— tenfold.

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