Thursday, May 12, 2011

I’m a Blogaholic!

I think it’s safe to say that I’m a blogaholic. What exactly is a blogaholic? I’m not sure, but I’ll bet if there are symptoms, I have ALL of them.

For instance, if getting up at 7:30 am and getting on the computer by 8:00 am and not moving from the computer, except for bathroom breaks, qualifies you as a blogaholic, then I’m all over THAT!

Or if when I’m supposed to be paying bills, but log on to my blog, then begin to bounce and bounce and bounce (I don’t hop) and this bouncing commences for more than 3 hours and said bills don’t get paid because I use ALL my computer time bouncing is a symptom of blogaholism, then, Yeppers, I’m a full-fledged blogaholic.

Then there’s the link clicking. I'm constanting lured and I CLICK! Those links are just TOO tempting. What is it about those hyperlinks? I mean they’re just straight lines! It’s not like I’m going to hit the jackpot or anything…but still, I click and click and click. If clicking is a symptom of blogaholism—then CHECK— I’m a blogaholic!

Commenting— Oh, I LOVE it. I’m pretty sure it too is a symptom of blogaholism. I read the blog post and of course I have 2 cents to add! Not sure if I contribute much, but in MY mind, I do! And I’m so flippin’ anal! I write my comments in Word first just to make sure that I don’t have spelling errors!

I think another symptom of blogaholism is not writing enough damn posts on my OWN blog because I’m too preoccupied with reading other blogs. I get side-tracked. I’m so bad with that. Does anyone have a cure? The only one I know is to stop reading other blogs, and I don’t want to do THAT! There are some awesome blogs out there…and then there are some awful ones.

I feel kinda sad for the crappy blogs. They can’t compose a proper sentence to save their lives and the spelling mistakes are horrendous. Don’t get me wrong. We all make mistakes. But you know the ones I’m referring to. They are notorious for spelling errors…it’s rushing, not caring or simple laziness and it’s a complete turn-off. Then they ramble. One lead-on sentence after another, which turns into one HUGE paragraph that has absolutely NO meaning at all what-so-ever.

This isn’t a form of blogaholism; it’s just an ailment in cyberspace. Anyone can start a blog and you don’t have to have one ounce of talent so you have no idea what you’re getting when you click a blog until you’re on the page. Sometimes it’s a pleasant surprise and others it’s a like a jolt of electricity from your eyeballs to your brain!

The page is cluttered with buttons, links and ads that move and you can’t concentrate on the damn post because the moving ad is distracting you! I click out almost immediately if I see a dancing ad. Plus if it’s all cluttered up, I normally click out, unless you’re a damn good writer…and I mean damn good, because I hate clutter…in real life and cyberspace!

I know, I sound like a bitch who thinks she has a perfect blog. I’m not and I don’t (or maybe it's I can be and wish I did!). But I am anal and I try very hard to use proper sentence structure and punctuation and I check and double check for spelling errors!

Anyhoo—I’m Pamela and I’m anal as all get out, PLUS I’m a blogaholic. I don’t write as many posts as some of those Super Bloggers but I write when I can because I like to READ other blogs, too, and I’m a mom, but not a Mommy Blogger, I don’t want to be in a category and pigeon holed. I want to write what strikes my fancy.

This post makes absolutely NO sense but I don’t even care because I need to write as it helps exercise my mind.

I think, therefore I blog…

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