Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Toon Yourself

I was trying to find a new template for my blog because I don’t particularly like this one. It’s crowded, and well, I just don’t like it. And while I could’ve gone in and edited the HTML codes, I really didn’t want to spend HOURS doing that.

So, I searched Blogger Templates—FOR HOURS! Yes, silly me spent the entire flippin’ day browsing hundreds of templates. Needless to say, I settled and downloaded one, but it didn’t work. The darn thing was in a Wingdings font or something! I found a couple others, and lo and behold, SAME thing! I was like what the heck! Good thing I had saved my original template or I would’ve been royally mucked up.

So, after chucking THAT project, I decided I would try to find an anime for what I’m HOPING will be my NEW template, AFTER I edit the HTML codes. During my search for an anime, I came across a web-site called My Web Face. This is the CUTEST web-site! You can actually make a cartoon of yourself! So, there I sat, like a kid, and created myself in Toon Land. Wasn’t hard, I practically live in Loony-Toonville as it is!

Once I was done, I looked at my Toonself and my Real-self and thought, yeah, that kinda looks like me. But to be sure, I decided to solicit my 13 year old son's advice. He was playing his fav computer game, big surprise there.

“Austin, come look at this and tell me if it looks like me.”

“K. Give me a sec,” he told me without ever taking his eyes off the computer screen (too bad he can't put that much attention into his chores!). A few seconds later (fibber, he said one) he joined me at the kitchen table.

“I created a cartoon of myself. Does it look like me?” I showed him my Toonself.

“Wow. Yeah it does.”

“I think I matched everything pretty good. Even my nose.”

“Your nose is too big,” he nonchalantly informed me.

“I KNOW. But I think I matched it good,” I snipped at him, after all, my ENTIRE family knows how much I dislike my nose. I might have to rewrite my will, the brat.

“No, Mom, your CARTOON nose is TOO big. Make it smaller.”

“Oh. Are you SURE?” Skeptically I began comparing my Toonself’s nose with my Real-self’s nose.

"Yeah, make it SMALLER,” he insisted. So, I clicked the nose button and reduced it one notch.

“MORE, Mom.”

“MORE?” Did I need to have his eyes checked? And if not, maybe I wouldn’t have to redo my will, the little darling.


“Okay, how’s that?” Now it had been reduced two more notches.

“That’s good,” he told me confidentially.

"Gosh, I think my nose looks A LOT bigger than THAT,” I told him after comparing my Toonself with my Real-self.

“You always say that,” he told me as if I was a silly-head (which is what he would’ve called me if he had been 3 again).

“Why DO I say that?”

“Because YOU don’t like it, so think it’s big,” he informed me with all the worldly knowledge of a 13 year old.

“Maybe you’re right,” I told him as I inspected my Real-self’s nose, yet again, but I wasn’t convinced, and still think my dad owes me a nose job, considering I got it from HIM!

Anyway, I had fun with this web-site. It’s easy to use and you don’t have to sign up, plus you can save your Toon picture by right clicking your mouse and doing a Save Picture As.

Maybe I’ll spend my next afternoon redoing my template—but then again, I'll probably find yet another web-site to distract me! I'm beginning to think I have ADD—


**Update: I did find a new template; it's the one you are viewing now!**

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