Thursday, March 24, 2011

New Blog Design - Finally

Well, after a week of searching, I finally found a template that I MIGHT be able to live with. I like the fancy fonts and the color scheme, but now I have to change my signature and find a picture and enlarge my blog description...and by the way I'm not liking the whole "Siren Sense" theme anymore. I have a new one in mind...but I don't want to do anything with THAT just yet. Not until I see if I can get this darn thing going--out cyberspace. UGH, it's a lot of work.

And for what? Me. Because I like to write...well love it, and I want to look at a pretty blog. I'm such a loon. No, scratch that. I'm offically a bitch as of yesterday at the bank...

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  1. well just have fun with it! I like a pretty blog too. When I had my "other life" blog I changed the background ALL the time. We called it changing her dress! LOL. I still go and look at all the primitive country decorating blogs, hours upon hours just drift by...

    Sometimes I even get the urge to delete the politics and get back to "living" my life. But then something really good happens and there I am typing away furiously again!


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