Saturday, March 12, 2011

Hearing Aid Wanted

Okay, you all know how I just purchased my fifth digital camera. And if you don’t, you can read about it here. You also know how much I LOVE writing, and if you don’t, now ya do. I also LOVE reading, even my OWN blog. Yep. I post it, then read it to my kids, my husband, and heck if my dogs understood English, I’d probably read it to them, too.

Well, after I wrote my camera post, I read it to my husband. He even honored me with a few chuckles! –Bless his pointed little head, no wonder I love him so much, the man knows exactly what buttons to push and what levers to pull! That’s not always a good thing though…

Anyway, I was snapping away last night, yes, with my new camera, because so far, I’m liking it a whole bunch. I went to the game room to find my husband. He was on the sofa with his girl. She’s pretty by the way. Shiny black hair, brown eyes—4 legs. Her name is Madea and she’s a German Shepherd mix. She cuddles with him and I find it so utterly adorable, because our dogs have always taken to me. But not this one. I think she’s addicted to my husband. She whines when he leaves the house!

Anyway, I snapped a few frames of them together and out of the blue my husband asks, “Where’d ya get the camera?”

I looked at him and said, “You’ve got to be kidding me.”

“What?” He looked so freakin’ innocent.

“This is my NEW camera.”

“When did you get THAT?” Again, looking so freakin’ innocent.

“David, THIS is the camera I read about to you.”

“I thought you blogged about the pink camera.”

“I did. THAT was the fourth camera. THIS,” I pointed to my new Canon, “is the FIFTH one.”

“Oh.” He sounded confused.

“You either need a hearing aid or you pay absolutely no attention when I read to you,” I said, before leaving him with his girl.

So, if anyone in cyberspace has a hearing aid they are willing to part with, send it to I’m sure it will fit through the web just fine. About as fine as my husband pays attention when I read to him.


  1. My husband is your husband. Right down to the DOG. :)
    Going back now to read about your NEWEST camera.
    Thanks again for all your sweet are awesome.

  2. OH SO TYPICAL!! LOL! My husband doesn't hear me when I talk either, come to think of it my kids and Mom don't hear me, maybe that's why I blog... someone to talk to who will answer back!


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