Thursday, January 21, 2010

Invitations, Parties & Gifts-- OH MY!

Times are tough. Companies have downsized, cut jobs, hours, benefits and wages. Many people are having a difficult time finding a new job that compensates the same and are sometimes forced to collect unemployment benefits or take a job earning less pay. Some can’t afford their monthly obligations like mortgage and or car payments. Others can’t afford the Cobra or health insurance payments. Life has a way of moving along, however, regardless of your personal circumstances, and so you get an invitation to attend a baby shower, a birthday party or a wedding. What DO you DO?

An invitation to an event like THAT entails a GIFT! Something you can NOT afford. You can barely afford your heating bill! If you go to cousin Tilley’s baby shower and don’t take a gift, what will Aunt Sally, Tilley’s mother, think? What will Cousin Beth think? You could always NOT attend, but doesn’t etiquette REQUIRE you send a gift anyway? Holy crap! Can’t afford TO go; can’t afford NOT to go! Can you just disown cousin Tilley, who is actually your 2nd cousin twice removed anyway? Or would it be better to fall off the face of the earth never to be heard from again?

Yes, MUCH easier! We live in a society where there are SILENT rules that for every invitation you receive you MUST take a gift. Which is just plain silly, if you ask ME. Aren’t special occasions about celebrating the OCASSION? A special event, like a wedding, is about two wonderful people who have decided to join their lives together, and you are SUPPOSED to be there to see them off on their journey-- NOT take a cake plate! If all they REALLY wanted was a set of silver-ware, why not send a note card that reads:


And while I’m on the subject, until this recession turns around, STOP with the candle, jewelry, perfume, etc., parties. Some people can NOT afford to buy extras, BUT will FEEL obligated, and you don't really want your loved ones to feel THAT way—DO you? And if it’s REALLY about “socializing”, then have a get-together and invite them over for THAT! Have some fun without the pressure of “buying” something!

Times are tough. It’s TIME to STOP the madness. If YOU want something, go buy it yourself. If you are having a baby, getting married or moving into a new home--send an invitation withOUT the GIFT REGISTRY CARDS! Let your family and friends KNOW that you want their PRESENCE not their PRESENTS!


  1. "until this recession turns around, STOP with the candle, jewelry, perfume, etc. parties."
    Ugh. This couldn't happen soon enough for me. I am so over getting Pampered Chef invites, Aloette or what have you. You can celebrate with "presence" and have more fun instead of worrying about the "presents" (Good one btw).

  2. You have a great outlook on women in the economy...I agree 100% about the candle/skincare/whatever a poor college student I can't say that I partake in these things, but I've seen my mom get all guilty and come back from a neighbor's house with a bag full of miscellaneous what-have-yous, and I must say I think the women who put on these parties need a serious reality check...while it's a good way to make money, it ostracizes close friends and family while encouraging more of the consumer mentality that has caused our market to take advantage of us...

    Anyways, enough rambling. Love the blog!


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