Sunday, July 12, 2009

If the Shoe Fits

I love shoes. I’m a shoe-horse. I have approximately 265 pair of shoes. Yep. I counted them. I have an 8x10 closet and it’s filled with clothes and shoes. I didn’t always have a closet that size. It’s an addition. It was added on about 6 years ago. And let me tell you, the entire neighborhood was abuzz! No one could figure out what we were doing. Was it a den? An extra bedroom? Then someone finally had the guts to ask. When I told my neighbor it was a closet, his eyes grew to the size of saucers, but he had the courtesy to say, “How nice.” Yep, it’s NICE alright! All my clothes AND shoes neatly at my disposal at all times.

I bargain hunt all the time. Some of my shoes may have cost me $5. A few may have cost upwards to $100 or more. It depends. I’ve found shoes on the internet, in bargain basement shops, at flea markets in thrift stores, you name it, I’ve probably been there and found a pair of shoes. I have shoes that are 20 years old and look BRAND new. But that’s ME. It’s what I like and what I work to spend money on. We all have our niche and shoes and fashion are mine.

My favorite style is Pumps. I’m always in heels. I even shop in heels. It’s very rare that you’ll see me in flats or tennis shoes, although I do own them. I’m a heel kinda girl. Well, Frederick’s has great Pumps. I have EVERY color! And if you buy in bulk (which I've been known to do) you can get them shipped for free. I love free shipping. The amazing thing about these Pumps is that the heel is 4” but they are comfortable. I know, unbelievable, but true. I can wear these Pumps all day and they don’t kill my feet.

These Pumps aren’t for everyone. But for gals who love hi-heeled Pumps, THESE are the cat’s meow! They are stylish, inexpensive and they make your calves look WOW! So, check them out. I’ll stand by… I mean ON, these Pumps any day of the week!

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  1. pammy you about have a shoe for everyday of the year... he he... how about you coming out of the closet with your love of the sexy high heel. you may be one of the last of the ladies who DOES like wearing them. which is too bad because "pumps" are hot!! you must make your husband "happy"... he he!!


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