Sunday, June 14, 2009

Breyers Smooth & Dreamy

I’m sure I’ve mentioned that my favorite movie of all time is Gone With The Wind. And if I didn’t, well, I just did. I watched it for the first time when I was about nine years old and I fell in love with Rhett Butler. To this very day I watch Gone with the Wind EVERY time it’s on TV, even though I’ve seen it over thirty times.

I also read the book when I was around eleven years old and again just a few months ago. I collect GWTW memorabilia, like plates, figurines, puzzles, pictures and music boxes. It’s safe to say I’m a Gone With The Wind fanatic.

Another movie I’ve always liked is King Kong. I saw the original with Fay Wray when I was a kid. Yeah, it was super fake looking, but I like Science Fiction movies. So, in 1976 when the King Kong remake with Jessica Lange and Jeff Bridges came out I HAD to go to the movie theater. I LOVED that King Kong and even cried when he met his death at the base of the Twin Towers. I also enjoyed the King Kong that came out in 2005 with Naomi Watts and Jack Black. But my favorite is still the one from 1976.

What’s ironic here is that Breyers Smooth & Dreamy Ice Cream is marketing a new campaign starring Jane Krakowski using classic movies. And you’ll never guess which classics! Okay, you’ve probably guessed.

So, since you’ve guessed, now you HAVE to watch the videos! They are really cute. Gone With The Wind is hysterical. Jane did a great job imitating Scarlett and it looks like she is really interacting with Rhett--I’m SO jealous!

Here in King Kong, Jane looks like she is really in Kong
s hand! Boy what a date Kong would make! Tall, dark and um...well tall and dark.

I hope Breyers does more of these videos. They are fun and Breyers even shows you a little tidbit of how they filmed them and there’s a sweepstakes you can enter to win a trip or even money. There’s also a Fun link where you can use your own picture and see what you look like as Scarlett. I think it’s a great campaign. I wonder what other classics they could use.

I’m going to throw out a couple, like Casablanca, The King And I, Bride Of Frankenstein or even the Wizard Of Oz. What are some classics you can think of?


  1. Very very very well done! Where did you find this?

    I will come back later to watch the King Kong video. I remember the one with Jessica Lange; I did not see the latest version.

    Maybe I'll get me some Breyers ice cream today.

  2. that was pretty good pammy... may i suggest they tackle some mel brooks films....

  3. Pat: Oh Yes! How about Spaceballs! That was one of my favorites, probably due to my love of Star Wars.

  4. goodness sakes pammy you have our film library at your house... love spaceballs here too!!... keep firing a**holes!!...he he...

  5. happy father's day to your dads pammy!!!

  6. Pat: Yep, we have a variety of movies. Classics, romance, drama, science fiction. I guess I'm well-rounded. lol.

    Thank you for the Father's day wishes to my family. You are so thoughtful.

  7. It's too bad that you live so far away...Chapman University in the City of Orange, California has a fun little "Gone with the Wind" exhibit. They have autographed photos of every one in the film. left a comment on my blog about knowing every word to "Over Board"...I'm wondering if you ever use the term, "I have a falcetto child" as much as my sister and I do???

  8. Tami: I’d love to see that exhibit!

    I haven’t used that one, yet! But when my husband does something silly, I’ll say, “I didn’t marry very well, did I?” Or when I call one of my sons, because they normally don’t come, I’ll say, “Twin, oh, Twin.” Then my husband will chime in with, “She means you.”

  9. How about Spaceballs! That was one of my favorites, probably due to my love of Star Wars.

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