Saturday, March 7, 2009

What does your Name say about You?

I got this web-site from Janice-Phil at a Nomadic Vissions. It’s a cool site that has all kinds of quizzes. Janice took the quiz: What Does Your Name Say About You. It’s really neat; so I decided to take the quiz, too. Here are my results.

What Your Name Says About You

Pamela means that you are mostly: Commanding but aloof

Pamela also means you are: Ambitious but stubborn, energetic but impatient, passionate, but flighty

It’s pretty accurate. I’m all of those adjectives. However, I’m not stubborn enough to cut off my own nose and I’m working on my impatience, because I heard patience is a virtue. And that flighty thing--well I just call that being a blonde. I have MANY blonde moments, but I’m smart…honest.

What Does Your Name Say About You?


  1. Charismatic but impulsive

    Glamorous but snobby
    Optimistic but demanding
    Ambitious but stubborn

    Really, these are not me.
    Maybe my Mom gave me the wrong name???
    Cute post.

  2. Intuitive but high strung

    Your name also says you are:

    Ambitious but stubborn
    Fiery but unbalanced
    Passionate but flighty

    Well, some is right but most is wrong. I am not high strung but am fiery, I am ambitious and only sometimes stubborn, I definitely am not flighty but am very passionate about the ones I love and the things I do. So half isn't bad. Maybe my name should be Ken or Kar or Arn lol!

  3. Suz, you ARE glamorous. YOU just don’t see it. Your posts are filled with cheer and are so upbeat. As far as charismatic-you are a Magnet! I was drawn to you the first time I read your blog! You’re definitely ambitious, just look at your blog how creative it is. And stubborn is just another word for determined.

    Karen, I don't know you as well as I'd like, yet. But I can tell you are passionate about those you love. And I also know you are ambitious and like I told Suz, stubborn is another word for determined.


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