Saturday, November 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Sagittarius!

If you were born between November 22nd and December 21st, your sun sign is The Archer.

You are a Fire sign, which means you are led more by your emotions.

Like a woman needs any encouragement.

You are a Mutable sign, which means you can adapt to any situation easily.

All women must be mutable then!

You are optimistic, blunt, enthusiastic, inspiring, carefree, and sensual. However, on the negative side, you can be argumentative, impatient, hotheaded, preachy, and indulgent. You're most compatible with other Sagittarians, Leo the Lion, and Aries the Ram. Taurus and Cancer are 2 signs you should probably steer away from.

Your color is blue. Oak is your tree. Lign-aloes is your perfume. Which is an oil obtained from an Aquilaria tree; an evergreen tree native to northern India, and Malaysia.

Your gemstones are Jacinth and Turquoise and your metal is Tin. I’m going to go out on
an Oak limb here and guess that tin isn’t going to be on any Sag Gal’s Christmas list!

Honey, would you buy me a tin bracelet? NOT !

The Horse or Centaur is your animal.

Wonder if townships give zoning licenses for Centaurs these days? Think your neighbor would mind? I think a Centaur would be a great pet. He could let himself out, clean up his own poo and feed himself. Plus, you could ride him to the grocery store and he could help you carry the bags! Talk about a versatile pet. A Centaur would be like a Green Pet only brown.

Fellow Sagittarians: Ludwig van Beethoven, Sir Winston Churchill, Frank Sinatra, Ben Stiller, Katie Holmes, Brad Pitt, and Brittany Spears

Sagittarius Astrology Photo Compliments of: Kagaya Studio

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  1. So cool. I wish I could have a Centaur. Not sure if the rest of my animals would approve....
    take care,


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